Snapt and Government

Security and Accessibility for Digital Transformation

Application security, load balancing, acceleration, and agility


Snapt solutions for government enable high-security infrastructure – without compromising on scale, accessibility, and agility.

In the disruptive world of modern governmental IT infrastructure and administration, you need to move forward and improve service provision for everyone while strengthening security and protecting your infrastructure and citizens’ data.

Snapt are the experts in delivering critical applications. We bring the security, reliability, speed, and proactive testing to help you protect against attacks, improve accessibility, and be agile as you scale up and embrace digital transformation. Snapt takes care of your critical services without locking you in or limiting your options. National or local government, with any kind of website, app, or API, can scale, protect, and adapt with Snapt.

Why Snapt for Government?


Grow on-demand with elastic scale in any cloud or on-premises datacenter. Auto-create new app services per-app or per-pod for fast onboarding.


Keep clients and apps healthy and in sync with central security policy and real-time monitoring. Clients benefit from AI-powered security automation.


Reduce costs with platform-agnostic flexibility. Clients and app developers benefit from optional self-service and API driven app services for CI/CD.

Focus On Government

Government departments and state agencies at national and local levels are under pressure to do more, move faster, and embrace the latest trends and efficiencies. At the same time, it is imperative that digital progress is democratized – making the benefits of easier access and a more personalized service available to all constituents.

Meanwhile, as digital transformation takes hold in every branch of government, authorities find themselves exposed to greater risk of attack from cyber security threats, with vulnerabilities including election interference, military and intelligence penetration, public health security, and currency destabilization.

The Government Technology Challenge

Secure Critical Infrastructure

How can you safeguard defence, energy, transport,and other critical infrastructure from an attack that could shut them down or manipulate events?

Accessibility for Essential Services

How can you ensure that all citizens can access essential services, no matter the load on the system or the speed of their internet connection?

Data Protection and Compliance

How can you protect your citizens as they engage with government services and expose their personal data and payment information?

Digital Transformation

How can you get the benefits of the latest technology like multi-cloud and container architectures while also supporting legacy systems?

Snapt’s Vision For Government

Highly Secure Infrastructure and Services – Resilient to Attack or Failure

We help secure critical application infrastructure and data, working with any website, application, database,server, or API. We provide powerful and customizable Layer 7 application security, real-time threat intelligence identifying bad actors and potential risks, and compliance with PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR protocols.


Fast and Reliable Web Services – Accessible For All

We ensure uptime and availability for essential online services, scaling automatically to meet demand even during extreme traffic surges. We compress, cache, and accelerate web content for reduced bandwidth and faster delivery even on slower connections and mobile devices.


Agile Application Delivery – Supporting Digital Transformation

We support rapid technology adoption or gradual migration by working seamlessly with any private or public cloud and any application platform or architecture. For departments moving from dedicated hardware to virtual machines in the cloud, or adopting containers in a secure private data, our solutions evolve with you.


How does Snapt help Government departments?

Application Delivery

High-performance Layer 7 security, load balancing, and acceleration for any website, app, or API in traditional, modern, or hybrid environments.

Threat Intelligence

Real-time detection and pre-emptive blocking of cyber security threats, powered by unique first-party security data and advanced machine learning.

Stress Testing

Load testing and vulnerability scanning reveals your peak capacity and any security gaps, with expert advice to help you adapt and mitigate risks.

Snapt Architecture


Snapt is the best solution for high-security, high-agility digital transformation strategies.

One of the biggest risks in governmental digital transformation projects is the long timescale for implementation. By the time it’s halfway done, the technology or the rationale for the project might be obsolete or no longer fit for purpose. Snapt helps reduce that risk.

Snapt takes a highly agile approach to securing and optimizing your infrastructure. Firstly, our software-only application delivery services are not tied to hardware, so you can move and redeploy them however you like, as you shift resources to new architectures or new locations. There’s no need to purchase a new license just because you are migrating from virtual machines to containers (or running both in parallel).

Secondly, our products are always kept up-to-date with the latest innovations, compatibilities, and standards. Updates and new versions are provided under existing licenses.

Finally, our pricing model is designed to make it easy to scale up or scale down, with zero lock-in. You only pay for the capacity you actually need at any particular time.

Talk to us about running a POC.

We will schedule an introductory call with you to discuss your requirements and demonstrate Snapt's products. We also provide an enterprise-level trial license for your POC.