Snapt and Service Providers

Powering Managed IT Services and Platform Ops

Centralized Load Balancing as a Service, security policy, scalability, and dev-friendly API.


Solutions for service providers and Platform Ops teams.

Snapt solutions for service providers and Platform Ops teams enable centralized management of scalable on-demand application services for clients and teams.

In the hyper-competitive managed services sector, you need to deliver the most scalable, secure, and adaptable client environments. No easy task, while also competing on cost.

Snapt are the experts in modern application infrastructure. We bring the scale, security, and adaptability to help you bring maximum innovation and future-proof flexibility to your clients.

Snapt takes care of your application services without locking you in or limiting your options. Service providers and Platform Ops teams provisioning any kind of client environment can scale, protect, and adapt with Snapt.

Why Snapt for Service Providers?


Grow on-demand with elastic scale in any cloud or on-premises datacenter. Auto-create new app services per-app or per-pod for fast onboarding.


Keep clients and apps healthy and in sync with central security policy and real-time monitoring. Clients benefit from AI-powered security automation.


Reduce costs with platform-agnostic flexibility. Clients and app developers benefit from optional self-service and API driven app services for CI/CD.

Focus On Service Providers

The managed service provider market is forecast by Statista to grow from $152 billion in 2020 to $274 billion in 2026 – nearly double in size . There are good reasons for this. More businesses and internal teams are realizing the value of delegating infrastructure management to a third-party, with the potential for lower costs, high scalability, access to specialized skills, and new and emerging infrastructure technology.

Service providers and Platform Ops teams typically see tension between providing the best scale, security, and agility for their clients and keeping costs low for themselves and for their customers. This often means that the strongest technical solutions are the preserve of service providers with deepest pockets. Modern application services suited to modern app delivery are going to challenge this assumption.

The Service Provider Challenge

Optimize Cloud Migration

How can you provide the latest technology, high scale, and reduced risk while keeping costs under control – for you and your customers?

Accelerate Onboarding and Scaling

How can you reduce the time to provision new client environments and application services, and scale-out or scale-in responsively?

Centralize Policy and Security

How can you deliver and monitor consistent governance, compliance, and cybersecurity for all your clients from one simple API or dashboard?

Enable Better Tooling and Complex Apps

How can you deliver class-leading agility, control, and scale for your most demanding clients and developer / DevOps teams?

Snapt’s Service Provider Vision

Cloud-Neutral and Platform Agnostic Load Balancing as a Service – For Cost and Velocity

We enable you to provide Load Balancing as a Service (LBaaS) to ensure the availability, security, and performance of your clients’ APIs, applications, and websites, with rapid provisioning and feature rollout. Support for any cloud, VM, container, microservices architecture, and commodity hardware reduces costs.


Centralized Security and Observability – For Simple Governance and Compliance

We can put security policy and logging in the hands of a central Platform Ops team. You can set global policies for governance, compliance, and cybersecurity, while monitoring all your clients’ environments in one place.


Developer-Friendly App Services and Automation – For Happy, Growing Customers

We enable fully automated application services, including load balancing, web application and API protection (WAAP), and web acceleration, so your clients don’t have to think about it. Alternatively, we can expose per-app control via API to your clients for their DevOps and CI/CD workflows.


How does Snapt help Service Providers?


High-performance centralized control plane. Monitor, protect, scale, and optimize distributed app services in any number of client pods.

Centralized Security

Real-time threat intelligence, powerful web app and API protection, and centralized configuration of policy and per-backend profiles.


Integrate centrally controlled LBaaS with orchestration and automation platforms with full API for all objects. Dev-friendly API for clients’ automation.

Multi-Tenant Architecture with Centralized App Services


Snapt is the best solution for innovative, scalable Service Provider strategies.

Secure multi-tenant application infrastructure frequently constrains agility and responsiveness. With Snapt, it’s different.

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