Snapt Nova WAF Security Plugin For Traefik Datasheet

Nova provides full OWASP 10 protection, ensuring your apps and APIs are compliant, reliable, and protected from threats, denial of service, and abuse.

Snapt Nova & Traefik Datasheet

Snapt Nova WAF Security plugin for Traefik adds powerful app security and API protection for Kubernetes ingress. REST API, autoscaling, and multi-cloud.

Secure Traefik and Kubernetes the way you always wanted to.

Snapt Nova comes with a native Traefik plugin so it just works. Snapt's plugin is compatible with Traefik Hub and acts as middleware that proxies requests from Traefik ingress to Snapt Nova.

Container-friendly app services and upstream service discovery help you get started fast.

Nova is the industry-leading centralized app services platform securing 7 Trillion+ HTTP/S requests per day.