Cloud Neutrality

Cloud neutral control reduces costs, improves agility.


Virtually all companies today are primarily cloud-hosted or have workloads in public clouds.

However, the promise of lower costs and increased agility is too often replaced by escalating expenses and "vendor lock-in".

Clients are seeing per-request ingress bills from services like AWS ALB and Azure Gateway run to tens of thousands of dollars a month. Additionally, these native, own-brand services aren’t compatible with other clouds, locking you in and reducing agility.

These costs and lock-in make it extremely difficult for companies to adopt multi-cloud and hybrid deployments and to embrace scalability, containerization, and modern infrastructure.

Snapt provides a centralized, vendor-neutral platform for security and ingress into your clouds.

With Snapt Nova you can easily deploy advanced load balancing, application firewalling, threat intelligence, and content acceleration into any cloud, and any VM, hardware or container platform.

Regardless of your cloud choice, Nova helps maximize cost savings and infrastructure agility, while improving security, visibility, and control.

Snapt vs native Cloud load balancing

Cloud Neutrality

Snapt enables you to deploy your workloads  simply, securely, and efficiently to multiple clouds or platforms, improving business agility and resilience.

Cost Efficiency

Snapt bills per instance or Node, not per request. Complex billing from AWS and Azure creates situations where 50,000 RPS costs you $20,000 per month.

Control and Security

Snapt centralizes control and visibility for security policy, global routing, and performance, avoiding fragmentation across multiple clouds.

What Is Cloud Neutrality?

“Cloud-neutral” is a concept most companies are already embracing, whether by design or by circumstance.

The core concept is to ensure your business-critical applications run on any platform – or at least on multiple platforms – to mitigate the risks of outages, cost increases, design changes, and more.

Benefits of Cloud Neutrality

Multi-cloud resilience

Outages at cloud providers are far more common than you might realize, and a multi-cloud strategy is key to business continuity. Deploying your applications to multiple independent platforms (e.g., Azure and AWS) ensures service availability.

Multi-location presence

For compliance or performance reasons, a local presence is often important, but cloud providers vary in their regional presence. For example, in Africa providers like Azure have a greater presence than Amazon. Deploying applications to multiple clouds increases your multi-location presence.

Cost efficiency

Deploying to multiple clouds protects you against pricing changes, allows you to mix-and-match the best-price services from each cloud, and avoids the escalating costs of native load balancing services.

Platform by purpose

You choose the best, most efficient, or most advanced platform for each application as you see fit. This is the nirvana of application-first or service-first design – you can deploy and run your applications anywhere, so you can use any platform you want.

Achieving Cloud Neutrality At The Entrance Point

When looking for a cloud neutral or "no lock-in" design, you must consider several components, but the most enabling and most critical is the entrance point to your cloud – the ingress.

An application delivery controller (ADC) – often simply called a load balancer – is typically responsible for global traffic routing, and for traffic processing at the point where it arrives in a cloud. ADCs provide advanced routing, monitoring, security, and performance suites to deliver your data efficiently to your services or applications, while ensuring the security and performance.

A cloud-neutral ADC solution at the ingress enables multi-cloud and horizontal scalability, delivering immense value to your business, with four main advantages.

Migrate easily between locations

Move traffic between locations and deploy apps into multiple clouds easily and securely.

  • Deploy into any cloud, any container platform, any virtual machine, or any hardware solution.
  • Deploy a single ADC blueprint (with all your application and security rules) to any cloud in the world at the same time.
  • Synchronize your information, configurations, and deployments.

Centralize Control

Monitor and control all your critical ingress points through one interface.

  • A single location to orchestrate, configure, and monitor your critical services and applications.
  • Centralize and simplify the task of ensuring the uptime, security, and performance of your applications.
  • Work with applications in any architecture or environment, from hardware to virtual machines, from clouds to containers.

Reduce Risk

Strengthen your security by avoiding complexity, confusion, and information silos.

  • Unify your fragmented security policy.
  • Enable transparent and consistent security across multiple clouds with no need for custom tooling or third-party logging and analysis.
  • Deploy security rulesets and configurations to different clouds and platforms from a single UI.

Improve Resilience

Remove value from the data plane to the control plane.

  • End the dangerous practice of having business-critical data and services in the data plane.
  • Losing a single cloud server, virtual machine, or container will not damage your business.
  • Reduce engineering overhead, downtime, and frustration.

Achieving Cloud Neutrality with Snapt.


Snapt has the lowest cost-per-transaction and cost-per-request.


Snapt automatically tracks the threat level and security of all your systems.


Snapt is extremely easy to configure, and you can be live within minutes.


Snapt can deploy the same load balancer and WAF anywhere.

Snapt Architecture


Snapt is the best cloud-neutral solution for hybrid and multi-cloud strategies.

Snapt Nova is a centralized platform for deploying and scaling any number of ADCs into any number of clouds, virtual machines, containers, or devices.

Nova provides powerful and intelligent application delivery and ingress security for multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud businesses, simplifying your operations, centralizing your security and control, and improving your agility and scalability.

Nova deploys ADCs and load balancers as a service - not as servers. Nova ADC services can scale-out in seconds to handle millions of SSL transactions per second, and scale-in to reduce costs when demand goes down. Within 30 seconds, Nova can launch ADC services in any cloud in the world, ready to receive and secure traffic for your applications and services whether they are virtualized, cloud-native, or containerized.

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