API Gateway ADC Launch

by Dave Blakey on • October 15, 2021

We are proud to announce a new Nova ADC Type, the API Gateway. This HTTP/SSL-based ADC type is very similar to the SSL ADC, and capable of advanced routing, Let's Encrypt certificates, anomaly detection, WAF, and many of the same functions.

However, it introduces many new features targeted at servicing APIs.


The biggest feature addition in API Gateway ADCs is the Authentication section. Nova is capable of validating and making complex ruleset decisions based on JWT tokens.

This allows direct integration with any OAuth provider, for example, Auth0. You can rate limit users based on OAuth scopes, or allow certain URLs and paths without auth and others with auth and much more.

API Caching

We've also added API response caching, where you can have Nova respond to authenticated or public API requests directly from it's high performance in-memory cache. Your application headers control it.

API Response Monitoring

API Response Monitoring is an exciting new feature where Nova will monitor the actual replies to API requests to your systems to check for server errors (e.g. 5xx status codes), and should it discover them consider it a failed health check for the server.

This is great for when your Layer 7 health checks are passing, but users are still getting errors to complex requests.

Lean more about Snapt Nova API Gateway.