Introducing Nova Rules

by Mark Trent on • February 22, 2022

We are proud to announce the public beta availability of the Nova Rules system.

Nova Rules allow you to configure custom redirects, rewrites, access control, rate limits and more.rules

Please familiarize yourself with the documentation before deploying any rules, as this is an advanced feature, and is currently in public beta.

You can find Nova Rules in the tabbed menu navigation for any HTTP/SSL enabled ADC type, including Agent-based, API, SSL, HTTP ADCs.

Rules are separated into Frontend Rules, and Backend Rules. Various rules types are appropriate for each configuration section, but in general:

  • Frontend rules are for altering or interacting with REQUESTS as they ARRIVE
  • Backend rules are for altering or interacting with RESPONSES as they RETURN

The Rules engine is extremely powerful, but also capable of causing unintended actions or issues with ADCs when misused. Please ask Snapt support for assistance where required.