Nova Updates for July 2022

by Dave Blakey on Snapt Nova • July 30, 2022

We've introduced a wide array of new features to Nova in July, and included the highlights below, in case you haven't been keeping up!

Backends received a bunch of new feature additions, which you can see by editing any of your Backends on the platform. Highlights include:

  • Add support for Custom Headers in Backend Health Checks
  • Add support for Regex Response Codes or Regex Strings in Backend Health Checks
  • Adds an advanced mode only custom Nova Rules editor for Backend selection rules in HTTP ADCs.
  • Add support for Backend Rules per Backend
  • Add support for Session Persistence per Backend

The platform also had a lot of updates, and some look and feel ones designed to improve the display on smaller screens. Some of the main updates were:

  • Adding support for Let's Encrypt to be used on two Nodes at once.
  • Allowing users to leave an Organization if they are not the last owner.
  • Adding support for Hosted Nova installs to use Okta SSO.
  • Adding support for "closest" routing in the Nova GSLB, automatically routing to the nearest host to the user.

We hope you enjoy all the new features, keep building amazing things!