Nova Updates for May 2022

by Dave Blakey on Snapt Nova • May 31, 2022

We've had a busy month on the Nova engineering team, and have released a wide variety of new features to the platform. Highlights include:

  • You can now rename Nodes, Clouds, Backends and ADCs.
  • Hide edit button on Backends table view for read-only users.
  • NovaSense is now included in paid packages, no longer requires API key.
  • NovaSense has new threat categories added.
  • Added the ability to route to Backends based on source IP address, range or ACL group.
  • Allow HTTPS passthrough (non-terminated SSL) to route to multiple backends based on SNI detection.
  • Added Helm chart generation to AutoJoin keys, with some better documentation.

Be sure to check out the latest NovaSense threat intelligence lists on your ADCs, and to rename those Nodes with typos in that have been bothering you :)

We've also done a large amount of work on Nova Hosted edition, if you'd like to run your own air-gapped or self-hosted version of the Nova control plane be sure to get in touch.