Nova Updates for June 2022

by Dave Blakey on Snapt Nova • June 30, 2022

Nova has had a wide array of new features introduced in June, and we've included some highlights in case you've missed any!

  • New and improved Cache Hit and Miss metrics allow you to see cache performance over time in App Perf. on any HTTP ADC.
  • The Traefik WAF plugin has been released, allowing you to automatically secure any Traefik ingresses in your Kubernetes clusters.
  • The Kong WAF plugin has been released, allowing you to scan traffic to any API definitions for threats.
  • The new Nova GSLB backend has been released which allows us far more control and flexibility over Nova Destinations, and will soon have more features coming like automatic closest host routing.
  • Okta authentication support is available for Nova Hosted clients.
  • Backend Health notifications have been reworked to only notify you of the top-level event. For example, if all backend servers go down you'll get one notification saying the whole backend is down, not one for each!
  • WAF logs are now available in the API.
  • ADC deployments now show why they are happening and who caused them to happen.
  • The Nova Cache now supports caching responses with Vary headers.
Stay on the lookout for some of the new Nova Destinations functionality landing soon!