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What is an Application Server?

by Iwan Price-Evans on Web technology • May 13, 2022

An application server is a piece of software that runs programs on a computer. The server usually has its own operating system and memory, and communicates with other computers over a network. Application servers are used to host websites, run databases, and provide email services.

An app server is typically installed on a separate machine from the operating system.

An application server is used to host multiple applications on one computer. This allows users to access different applications at once without having to switch between them. A typical configuration includes two servers: one running the operating system and another hosting the applications.

A web server is used to serve static files such as images, videos, and other media.

A web server is a type of application server that provides access to files stored on a website. Web servers are typically used to store static pages (HTML) and dynamic pages (PHP).

Web servers store static files (like images, audio, and video files) and provide them to clients when requested. They do not run any programs or perform any processing. In contrast, an application server runs a program that performs some type of function.