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What is Open Source?

by Iwan Price-Evans on Development • May 12, 2022

Open source software is free for everyone to use and share. The source code is available for others to see and change, which makes it easier to learn how things work.

Open source software is free

Open source software is often referred to as “free” because there is no cost associated with downloading and using it. However, some open source licenses require users to share any improvements they make back to the original project. This means that the community of developers behind the software must work together to improve it.

Open source software is usually developed by volunteers who donate their time and energy to help others learn how to use it. Because of this, open source projects tend to be more flexible than proprietary software. They’re also easier to customize and extend.

You can find open source software at GitHub.com

If you’d like to contribute to an open source project, check out GitHub.com. There are thousands of open source projects hosted there. Just search for one that interests you and click “fork” to start contributing.

You can contribute to open source projects by submitting bug reports and feature requests

Another option is to join an existing open source community. Many communities exist online where people share ideas and collaborate on projects. Check out sites like StackOverflow.com, Quora.com, Reddit.com, and HackerNews.com.

The Apache Software Foundation is one of the largest open source projects

Founded in 1998 by a group of programmers who wanted to make sure that their software would remain freely available, the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) now hosts more than 1,000 different open source projects. These projects range from web servers to programming languages to operating systems.