How to migrate your Snapt installation using Snapt Backup

Snapt Backup is a free plugin provided with Snapt which allows you to take a backup of your configuration, and to restore backups to systems.

This is commonly used when migrating from one Snapt install to another, for example in a major image update. There are several steps to follow to ensure a pain free experience.

Set up the new device

Firstly, you need to set up your new Snapt server. That means licensing it, and installing the plugins you want to use - Snapt Backup won't restore plugins, but rather you must install fresh new ones. Included in that, should be the Snapt Backup plugin.

For example, you may install the Snapt Balancer, Snapt Redundancy V2 and Snapt Backup plugins on your new server.

Tip: If you don't have a license for the new one you can move the old one or use a fresh trial license temporarily.

Download the backup

On your old Snapt server you can now do a "Run Once" in Snapt Backup.


This will give you a .sbk (Snapt Backup) file to download. You will then Upload this file to your new server and restore the appropriate configs.

Upload the backup

On the Upload tab of Snapt Backup on your new server you can upload your .sbk file. You will then be given a menu to choose which pieces of the backup you want to restore. For example, when you aren't doing a full move you may only want to use the Balancer file to restore an old version of your Balancer config.


Once you have restored the backup your new system will be ready to use. You must start your plugins for the first time now, and then test the functionality.