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Powerful and Easy-To-Use ADC

The best load balancer, web accelerator and WAF.

These businesses all use Snapt. Shouldn’t you?

The premium Application Delivery Controller

Snapt ensures your website or service is always online, performing quickly and safe from threats. We provide load balancing, web acceleration, caching and security for your critical services.

We built the product we wanted and couldn’t find. You’ll love it.

Get full reporting

Dashboards, historical reports, and extremely detailed live monitoring will supercharge your ADC experience.

Wizards and more

With wizards to set up new load balancers, easy ACL management, detailed help and more you'll be running in no time.

Enterprise support

Snapt provides full 24x7x365 support for all our clients as a part of the product. We're always here!

Custom alerts

Send a text, email, slack or many other options when services go down or are slow.

LetsEncrypt Support

Full and easy-to-use LetsEncrypt support lets you go full HTTPS without additional costs.


Full active/passive redundancy and configuration replication make high availability a breeze.

Embrace the change

Snapt is not like F5, KEMP or the rest.

Snapt is what those products would look like if they were made today. For the network of today. For the DevOps teams of today. A new load balancer, born in the cloud, designed to be flexible, customizable, fast and easy to use.

Snapt is what happens when people like you make a load balancer.

Best support in the industry

SSL termination and re-encryption

Redundancy and replication

Web acceleration and firewalling

Slack, text message, syslog and more

Full IPv6 support

Layer 7 rules engine

VMware, Xen, Amazon, Hyper-V and more

Fast, responsive HTML5 interface

Live dashboards and historic reports

User access and logging

Up and running in minutes

Best of the best

Technology Partners

Snapt has alliances with the leading container, VM and cloud companies in order to ensure your website or service stays online, performs quickly and is secure. Give Snapt a try today and revolutionize your application delivery.

Snapt Tech Partners

Get your free trial or set up a demo. We are happy to help install it!