Fast and Secure DigitalOcean Load Balancer

Snapt Nova brings scalable load balancing, WAF security, and GSLB to your DigitalOcean droplets and Kubernetes clusters. Service discovery and API.


Snapt Nova

Why Snapt Nova for DigitalOcean?

Snapt Nova adds high-performance load balancing and application security to DigitalOcean with native integration. Nova's scalable architecture enables large Kubernetes deployments without limits.

Powerful Load Balancer and WAF

Fast, lightweight app services scale out to millions of nodes at 10K SSL TPS per node. Layer 7, OWASP, DoS protection, SSL offloading, and resilient GSLB.

DigitalOcean Integration

Nova integrates with DigitalOcean's API to enable tag-based service discovery, autoscaling app services, and full automation inside your favorite cloud.

Modern Architecture

Nova's centralized control is built for modern distributed apps. Autoscaling, multi-cloud, self-healing, and lightweight. Deploy as IaC with REST API.

DigitalOcean Integration

Deploy layer 7 load balancing and security in seconds. Tag-based service discovery.

Snapt Nova comes with a native DigitalOcean integration so it just works. Snapt's integration proxies requests from DigitalOcean ingress to Snapt Nova to apply intelligent multi-cloud load balancing, WAF/WAAP security, and performance optimization.

Snapt Nova will send traffic to your web servers' tags and discover their IP addresses automatically. It will let you know if HTTP reply times are slow and will swap traffic over to another DigitalOcean location if one goes down!


Automation and API

The developers' cloud needs dev-friendly app services. 

Dropping a clunky WAF or ADC appliance in front of your DigitalOcean deployment really cramps your style. Become fully agile and deploy all your Infrastructure as Code inside the DigitalOcean ecosystem you know and love.

Nova spawns lightweight data plane nodes, defined by a centralized control plane. Automate everything with a full REST API compatible with the DigitalOcean API.

Simplify and centralize SSL certificate management for your whole deployment with Let's Encrypt integration.


Autoscaling Services

Don't get a WAF or load balancer – get the superpower to create unlimited app services on-demand!

Now your app services work in the same way as your other cloud-native DigitalOcean components. Scale up, scale down, manage it remotely, and only pay for what you use.

Snapt Nova uses lightweight worker nodes capable of running on 2-core CPUs and even ARM without sacrificing performance of 10,000 SSL TPS per node. These nodes are totally dynamic and ephemeral so scale-in is 100% efficient.


Real-Time Telemetry And Analytics

Retrieve stats in Nova's UI, or via REST API in any reporting and visualization platform such as Prometheus and Grafana or DataDog. 

Nova Vision is a powerful traffic analysis engine that runs on your Nova Nodes and in the Nova Controller, using the edge to store and analyze logs and ship the results to the core.

Nova runs continual health checks and analyzes every request, looking for performance issues, threats, or traffic spikes. You can receive notifications via email, Slack, webhook, and more.


What's Inside?

Snapt Nova provides load balancing and WAF security on-demand to millions of nodes from a central controller. Nova is designed for modern distributed applications.

App Services Platform

The Nova Controller deploys app services to millions of lightweight worker nodes with a near-zero latency connection. Real-time control, telemetry, and automation for every application and backend.

Autoscaling Anywhere

Nova can link directly to your cloud accounts and automatically scale your application services as demand rises. Handle millions of TPS and scale down automatically.

Multi-Cloud App Services

Nova quickly and easily deploys your load balancer and WAF templates into any cloud and even multiple clouds helping you deliver a consistent and agnostic multi-cloud or hybrid strategy.

Centralized Security

Total visibility and consistent policy with centralized WAF security for millions of nodes. Block hackers and bots, prevent SQL injection, DoS, CSRF, and more. Strengthen compliance and governance.

DevOps and CI/CD

Nova is built for automation and modern deployments. A full REST API, LBaaS capability, cloud and container-aware, infrastructure-as-code integration, service discovery, and more.

Self-Learning Intelligence

Nova collects and profiles telemetry from your apps – errors, latency, server health, traffic, and more – and uses built-in machine learning to detect anomalies and block emerging threats.

Want to see how Snapt Nova works with DigitalOcean?

We will schedule an introductory call with you to discuss your requirements and demonstrate Snapt's products. We also provide an enterprise-level trial license for your POC.