Snapt Nova + Prometheus App Services Monitoring

Snapt Nova exports platform, node, and application health metrics to the Prometheus monitoring platform. Integrate app health into your time series monitoring, alerting, and visualization toolchain.



Why Snapt Nova and Prometheus?

Together, Snapt Nova and Prometheus provide load balancing, WAF security, and time series monitoring for any app, any cloud, any scale.

Optimize Incident Response

Reduce your response time when application health degrades. Integrate with ops and support systems to create tickets and monitor resolution.

Single Source of Truth

Integrate application and infrastructure metrics with the rest of your data. Teams can collaborate and automate based on a complete and reliable data set.

Consistent Dashboarding

Visualize your app and infrastructure telemetry using Grafana dashboards. Provide leaders with a consistent presentation of all your metrics.

Prometheus Integration

Start syncing your app metrics in seconds.

Snapt Nova comes with a native Prometheus integration so it just works. Snapt's integration exposes port 9101 on all your Nova nodes and makes Nova metrics available at /metrics.

Connect Prometheus with Grafana to build the perfect Nova monitoring dashboard!


How It Works

Time series monitoring for the most modern app services platform.

Snapt Nova provides centralized control of lightweight data plane nodes running app services that include load balancing, WAF security, and GSLB.

The Nova platform collects metrics on its own system health, as well as from every connected node and application backend.

Nova exports all these metrics to Prometheus:

  • CPU, memory, and disk usage
  • Throughput, requests, sessions, errors, blocks
  • Backend online count, response times, errors

Want to see how Snapt Nova works with Prometheus?

We will schedule an introductory call with you to discuss your requirements and demonstrate Snapt's products. We also provide an enterprise-level trial license for your POC.