The Easiest Way To Add Security To Traefik

Snapt Nova WAF Security plugin for Traefik adds powerful app security and API protection for Kubernetes ingress. REST API, autoscaling, and multi-cloud.


Snapt Nova WAF Security Plugin

Traefik WAF Security. No Legacy Appliances.

Proxy requests from Traefik ingress to Snapt Nova WAF/WAAP. Stop bots, scrapers, data leaks, spammers, SQL injections, XSS attacks, denial of service, and much more.

Native Traefik Plugin

The first Traefik plugin to provide powerful app security and API protection. Dump the dedicated WAF or ADC appliance. This is Traefik security the way you want it to be.

Layer 7 WAF and WAAP

Nova provides full OWASP 10 protection, ensuring your apps and APIs are compliant, reliable, and protected from threats, denial of service, and abuse.

Modern Architecture

Nova's centralized control is built for modern distributed apps. Autoscaling, multi-cloud, self-healing, and lightweight. Deploy as IaC with REST API.

Traefik Plugin for WAF / WAAP Security

Secure Traefik and Kubernetes the way you always wanted to.

Snapt Nova comes with a native Traefik plugin so it just works. Snapt's plugin is compatible with Traefik Pilot and acts as middleware that proxies requests from Traefik ingress to Snapt Nova.

Container-friendly app services and upstream service discovery help you get started fast. 

Nova is the industry-leading centralized app services platform securing 7 Trillion+ HTTP/S requests per day.


Automation and API

A cloud-native networking stack needs cloud-native security. 

Dropping a clunky WAF or ADC appliance in front of your Traefik deployment really cramps your style. Become fully agile and deploy all your Infrastructure as Code.

Nova spawns lightweight data plane WAF nodes, defined by a centralized control plane. Automate everything with a full REST API.


Autoscaling Security

Don't get a WAF – get the superpower to create unlimited WAFs and load balancers on-demand!

Now your Traefik security works in the same way as your other cloud-native components. Scale up, scale down, manage it remotely, and only pay for what you use.


Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Security

Nova works with any cloud, any container platform, any VM and hypervisor, and even on bare metal. 

Security and observability however and wherever you deploy Kubernetes. Extend the same power to every other part of your network, all in a centralized platform. 

Global policy and access control for consistency and compliance. Per-backend and per-app configuration and metrics because one size doesn't always fit all.


What's Inside?

Snapt Nova provides everything you need to secure Traefik, inside Traefik.

Layer 7 WAF

Nova provides a full OWASP 10 protection suite, ensuring your apps and APIs are compliant, reliable, and protected from threats, denial of service, and abuse.

Central Security Orchestration

Centrally manage allow lists and deny lists, rulesets, rate limits, and more across all your locations, clouds, and application backends.

DoS Protection

Nova automatically mitigates Denial of Service attacks, with AI and ML-driven dynamic adjustments to traffic based on real-time telemetry.

Total Visibility

Nova web app firewalls are in constant communication with the Nova Controller, allowing detailed real-time monitoring and reactions to threats. You can easily monitor threats across multiple clouds and locations.

Powerful Telemetry

More than just TCP data, Nova monitors request rates, HTTP error rates, HTTP POSTs, known vulnerable endpoints, response codes, IP threat level and much more to determine the likelihood of a threat in real time.

Machine Learning and AI

Nova's ML engine ingests real-time global threat intelligence and profiles your traffic and infrastructure, constructing a pattern of "normal" behavior to identify anomalies and stop attackers.

Want to see how Snapt Nova works with Traefik?

We will schedule an introductory call with you to discuss your requirements and demonstrate Snapt's products. We also provide an enterprise-level trial license for your POC.