BetTech case study

Aug 1, 2019 6:35:53 PM

Using the Snapt ADC, BetTech Gaming has reduced its load times by 60% and costs by 30%.

Founded in August 2009, BetTech Gaming is a provider of premium technology solutions to sports betting companies. The organization’s gaming clients include multinational lottery organizations, blue-chip casino groups, online bookmakers, and online casinos. As a rising star online gaming software development company, BetTech Gaming has faced enormous pressure to become agile and control business efficiencies.

Business Challenges

BetTech was confronting two big challenges:

Site traffic and page loading times

When our customers were managing their sites, they were often not taking into account the size of the files/images they were uploading. They were therefore loading/sending huge files, and in turn, our site traffic was painfully slow, and our page load times – well, they were horrible.

Resource allocation

We only had a finite number of developers to manage our needs, and we couldn’t dedicate them exclusively to fixing the website traffic and loading problems.

We were trying to manage the work in-house at first, though this wasn’t our core expertise. We needed to focus on our company’s core products and capabilities.

“Response times from the [Snapt] customer service team were under five minutes.”


We learned about Snapt through word of mouth, and then connected with Snapt’s team at a local industry event. We really didn’t consider any other solutions after discovering what Snapt had to offer. From a cost center point of view, Snapt was the most transparent, and it was the least invasive – an all-software solution with zero clunky, complicated dedicated hardware.

We selected three Snapt services: ADC – Balancer and Accelerator, Snapt WAF (web application firewall) and the Hosted ADC.

Snapt was incredibly helpful during implementation. Response times from the customer service team were under five minutes.

Snapt doesn’t just treat you like a customer – they make you feel like you are a real partner. They truly want to see you succeed.


Working with Snapt has improved our ability to predict and address our customers’ data needs. Snapt has provided us with a great solution for high availability – we always have a site available, providing us with a continuity framework. With Snapt:

  • Our page load sizes have dropped by 60%.
  • We’ve seen a 5 to 6 second drop in average page load times.
  • We’ve experienced a 20–30% decrease across the board in all network traffic.
  • We’ve achieved thousands of dollars of savings (cost per acquisition), as well as savings of 20-30% of network usage.
  • We’ve saved months of infrastructure planning and roll-out planning.
  • We continue to save on employee costs and overhead. We no longer need dedicated developer operations resources; Snapt does it for us.

Snapt is always there when you need them and the product just runs itself. I would definitely recommend Snapt to anyone. We already have. The biggest value Snapt offers versus the competition is a lot of hand-holding and support. This really sets Snapt apart from any competitors – from pilot to deployment.


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Using the Snapt ADC, BetTech Gaming has reduced its load times by 60% and costs by 30%.