Klosterverwaltung Huysburg case study

Oct 9, 2019 4:00:00 PM

Klosterverwaltung Huysburg is a German commercial company involved in hotel, property management and administration service organization.

Business Challenges

  • Needed an email notification system.
  • High-availability requirements.
  • Needed a user-friendly product.
  • High cost of other solutions.

"Snapt has a good price-performance ratio."


We needed high availability of email servers and document management services servers and Snapt was able to fulfil all our needs. Our requirements meant that Snapt needed to be used by all current and future email users and DMS users and they fulfilled this requirement well.

I commend Snapt for how easy the setup of the product is and how fast we were able to execute into production.

The Snapt support was very helpful, reliable, fast and competent when it came to customer inquiries. We were very impressed by the support received after the purchase was made.

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Learn how Snapt ensures high availability for a historical monastery in Germany