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Nova is a centrally managed, container-based ADC platform providing Layer 7 load balancing, GSLB, WAF and web acceleration. Nova is cloud-native, hyperscale and intelligent.

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Software load balancing, web acceleration, WAF and global DNS load balancer. Blazing fast throughputs, high SSL TPS and runs on any cloud, VM or bare metal.

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NIIT Technologies case study

Iwan Price-Evans
Aug 1, 2019 8:00:00 AM

By using Snapt, NIIT Technologies has built customer confidence and lowered maintenance costs.

NIIT Technologies is a global IT solutions organization addressing the requirements of clients across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

NIIT Technologies services clients in travel and transportation, banking and financial services, insurance, manufacturing, and media verticals, offering a range of services, including Application Development and Maintenance, Infrastructure Management, and Business Process Management. Focused on Digital Services, the Company is helping businesses design agile, scalable, and digital operating models.

Business Challenges

We were looking for a cloud-based solution which would enable us to optimize our web application performance and conduct Layer 7-based load balancing. We had been using a hardware-based load balancer which was very tedious to configure – it also required a lot of input from our support staff and incurred high maintenance costs.


We found Snapt by doing a web search for a possible solution. We decided to make use of the Application Delivery Controller (ADC), as we needed our servers to operate at maximum potential and wanted to cut downtime and errors. With Snapt, we reduced load times and our applications are better protected.

“Response times from the [Snapt] customer service team were under five minutes.”


Best service! We enhanced our web application performance and load balancing at minimal cost, and our system provides greater flexibility. Ultimately, our customers have increased confidence in us.

In Summary

With Snapt, NIIT Technologies was able to:

  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Reduce load times
  • Protect applications
  • Increase customer confidence

Download the NIIT case study

By using Snapt, NIIT Technologies has built customer confidence and lowered maintenance costs.


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