RivalHost case study

Aug 1, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Using the Snapt ADC, RivalHost has saved over $250,000.

RivalHost, LLC., is a leading-edge, people-centered, customer-driven provider of web hosting solutions, and is active in over 65 countries. Since 2001, the company has hosted thousands of personal, small business, and enterprise websites on a global level.

Business Challenges

RivalHost strives to offer the best in fast DDoS protection and website security solutions for our customers, and we are very serious about not overloading our servers. We know that security and powerful performance are critical to our customers. We also realized that they needed to protect their websites during attacks but didn’t want to change their hosting company.

There simply wasn’t a product out there that did what we wanted and needed it to do for our customers. So we spent nearly two years – and tens of thousands of dollars – trying to build our own solution. We experienced one headache after another during the development process. And then we discovered Snapt.

Todd Reagor, RivalHost CEO, had this to say about Snapt:

“I would recommend Snapt to anybody who is not my competitor. With Snapt’s affordable software products, user-friendly interface, and game-changing customer service, we’ve saved $250,000 in development and staffing costs.”


Once we found Snapt, it simply wasn’t worthwhile to continue pursuing our own solution. Simply put: Snapt was a lifesaver. Why spend thousands more dollars bringing our solution to market when we could get it from Snapt for a couple of hundred?

We selected the following Snapt products:

  • ADC - Balancer and Accelerator
  • Snapt WAF (web application firewall)

The secret behind Snapt’s solutions is that they utilize open source and are software-based, rather than hardware-based. This makes Snapt products adaptable and customizable. Snapt transformed those disparate third-party solutions into a beautiful, user-friendly GUI/interface. And the pricing was right. More than right – downright cheap.

Snapt provided extremely smooth implementation. After we explained our intentions for using the product, Snapt got to work on full integration and trained RivalHost’s staff. Snapt’s customer service was a real game-changer; they were always on top of things. They really bent over backwards, offering us special partner pricing. They even invited us to do some beta testing with their WAF modules.

Results in Three Words: Professional, User-Friendly, Affordable

Using Snapt, we were able to leverage reverse proxy and let attack traffic run through our hosting center rather than through our clients. It was a huge win-win. With Snapt:

  • Our time to market was cut to a few short weeks
  • We avoided months of infrastructure planning and roll-out planning
  • We saved nearly $250,000 in development and staffing costs
  • We can now boast and guarantee a 99.9% network uptime. In fact, RivalHost is the only shared host to achieve an APS 400 rating by UptimeSafe

"I would absolutely recommend Snapt to anybody who is not my competitor."

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Using the Snapt ADC, RivalHost has saved over $250,000.