Shaner Hotel Group Case Study - Hospitality

Feb 12, 2021 4:15:10 PM

Shaner Hotel Group is a hospitality owner-operator and management company based in the United States. The hotel group’s current portfolio consists of 62 properties reaching across 15 states and 4 countries.

Business Challenges

The challenge facing Shaner Hotel Group was how to add redundancy to Microsoft Exchange 2016. The major challenges they faced were:

  • Microsoft Exchange Redundancy
  • Microsoft Exchange Availability


Shaner Hotel Group installed Snapt Aria Essential. Steve shared his experience of purchasing and installing Snapt Aria: “Your sales rep and the technical engineer helped me
install and configure it. I think we had it online in less than an hour and added our two Exchange servers”.


Shaner Hotel Group has used Snapt Aria to stay online with minimal cost and effort.

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