How To Survive A Website Traffic Surge

Sep 9, 2019 5:00:00 PM

Website traffic surges can be an opportunity and a crisis for your online business.

This guide explains how you can prepare for traffic surges and how an application delivery controller (ADC) ensures your business survives and thrives during these critical scenarios.

Traffic surges can be great for business – more visitors, new customers, increased revenue and better engagement with your website. But if your site is not prepared, a traffic spike can overload your web server and result in disastrous downtime that will affect your reputation, competitiveness, and bottom line. It’s not economically viable for any company to over-provision capacity for traffic surges resulting from planned or unplanned events. The far more elegant and cost-effective solution is an ADC that offloads servers, prevents overloading, accelerates page load times, and gracefully handles downtime.

With Snapt’s ADC, you can survive, and even thrive, when a traffic surge hits your site. Snapt has a free trial of our entire ADC product and we provide full support and consultation services during your trial.

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