I'm using Envoy and Istio. Why do I need an ADC?

Mar 16, 2020 6:00:00 PM

Key Takeaways

  • Using manual processes to monitor and control modern applications running at web-scale is an outdated approach to systems management.
  • Tools such as Envoy and Istio, which are designed to operate in modern digital infrastructures that are dynamic and ephemeral, provide many of the service management features that are needed to support applications that run in a cloud environment, but they have limits that need to be addressed.
  • Application Delivery Controllers provide a way to unify managing applications across multiple environments while also filling in the gaps left behind by routing controllers and service mesh technologies.
  • Snapt Nova takes ADC functionality to the next level by providing Availability, Security, Performance and Visibility, as well as centralized control enabling ADC instantiation, grouping, scaling and automation.

An ADC fills in the gaps that Envoy and Istio leave behind.

As powerful as Envoy and Istio are, using them as the only means to control how your services interoperate is not enough. They leave gaps and these gaps need to be addressed. This is where Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) come into play. Download your free copy to find out how.