The Challenge of Cloud Gaming

Jul 20, 2021 11:00:00 AM

Cloud gaming holds much promise and is attractive to gamers who want convenience, low cost, access to a large library of games, and the ability to play on any device.

However, cloud gaming faces significant challenges, the most important being latency, which many gamers see as a deal-breaker.

The best way to reduce latency is to reduce the distance between your game servers and your players. This means building a massive, distributed network of data centers providing computing capacity (including powerful GPUs) as close as possible to the edge.

These massive multi-cloud, multi-location networks are hard to manage; visibility, control, security, and policy are often fragmented. Cloud gaming can hit a wall where the burden of managing an ever-larger network makes it unprofitable to expand into new territories and access new audiences.

A modern, centralized ADC platform can unify your management of sprawling and complex edge networks, enabling you to expand without constraints, push your powerful game server technology to new frontiers, and provide low-latency cloud gaming to everyone.

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