Service Provider

The Snapt Service Provider Program allows managed and cloud partners to integrate Snapt into their solutions to provide value-added services to their clients. Service Provider partners are an integral part of Snapt's go-to-market strategy and we are committed to investing in and growing with our partners.

With the Snapt Service Provider, your sales team gets access to exclusive discounts, joint marketing activities, free training, deal protection, support, and access to online sales and technical resources as well as deal registration through Snapt's partner portal. The Snapt Service Provider Program provides your team with the support needed to easily sell a product that is disruptive, sticky, and ready for expansion.


  • Access to sales and technical resources, tools, and development assistance.
  • Competitive partner pricing tiers linked to investment.
  • Free online training.
  • Access to the Snapt Partner Program,
  • Integration assistance of Snapt products into your offering,