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Threat intelligence, load balancing, and application security with centralized control, intelligence, and visibility. Any application, any cloud, any scale.

Snapt NovaSense

Real-Time, Real-World Threat Intelligence.

NovaSense provides a simple path to becoming a better-protected organization, allowing you to get in front of emerging threats and be proactive instead of reactive.

Protect Your Organization's Apps, Data, and Reputation

Use NovaSense threat feeds to identify and pre-emptively block known and active threats: categorized, scored for risk, and enriched with IP data. Stay online and protect your legitimate users.

Identify and Remove Platform Abusers, Network Abusers

Use NovaSense host data to identify and remove known and active platform abusers using your infrastructure or services to attack others. Cut costs, protect revenue, and remain compliant.

Integrate NovaSense Threat Intelligence In OEM Product

Build your own security offering using NovaSense to provide a threat intelligence feed or to supplement third-party threat intelligence data.

Snapt Nova

Load balancing and WAF for modern applications.

For applications and environments operating at the cutting edge of scale, performance, or resilience, Nova provides unmatched automation, visibility, and protection.

Hyperscale Web Applications

Centralized security, visibility, and control; near-zero latency in even the largest deployments; autoscaling tech matched with scalable licensing.

Distributed Hybrid Environments

Develop, test, and deploy in different environments, with unified policy and end-to-end visibility.

Extreme Resilience to Disaster or Attack

Global cloud+N redundancy, AI security and threat intelligence, near-instant recovery from failure.

Snapt Aria

The best all-in-one Load Balancing and WAF ADC.

From customer-facing websites to APIs to internal services, Aria enables applications and teams of all types and sizes to function more efficiently.

Websites and E-Commerce

Stay online, fast, and secure, maximizing your e-commerce sales, ad revenue, and retention.

Application and Data Security

Meet compliance standards for personal and transactional data in finance, government, healthcare, and education.

IT Operations

Load balance and secure Microsoft Exchange, IIS, remote desktop (RDP and RDS), MySQL databases, and more.


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