The best all-in-one Load Balancing and WAF ADC

Aria is the premier ADC solution for businesses, providing a load balancer, web accelerator, web app firewall (WAF), global server load balancer (GSLB), and more. Install an Aria trial in minutes.


Everything You Need For App Delivery

Traditional (hardware) load balancers are inherently inflexible – capacity, performance, and location are tied to a physical device. This leads to frequent over-provisioning, with money wasted on unused capacity.

Aria’s software load balancer has transparent and cost-effective pricing, which results in a better total cost of ownership without sacrificing performance or functionality.

Snapt Aria Architecture

What makes Aria so powerful?

Powerful, Yet Simple

Aria is easy to use and deploy, and can be set-up in minutes. Easily replace an aging ADC solution with a modern software one.

WAF, LB, Accelerator, GSLB, and more

Aria includes all the functions and components you need, from Layer 7 load balancing to content acceleration, WAF to GSLB.

Perfect For One-Box Installs

Aria is the ultimate single-system ADC solution, and can be run and managed in isolated environments.

High Performance

Aria delivers up to 100,000 HTTP RPS and 20,000 SSL TPS on virtual machines and cloud instances. Run Aria anywhere.

Flexibility And Agility

Aria's software load balancer has a lightweight footprint and can be deployed on any cloud (public/private), containers, VM/hypervisor, or bare metal.

Aria can handle upwards of 100,000 L7 RPS or 20,000 SSL TPS for any size environment at a scale and cost that suits your business. Our software load balancers are right-sized for your network and workloads and are capable of dynamic adjustment to meet ever-changing demands.


Self Deployment And Ease Of Use

Aria ADC provides the best mix of enterprise load balancing features, performance, and ease of use.

Aria’s user-friendly wizards make deploying, configuring, and managing a load balancer and WAF simple, drastically reducing the skills, experience, knowledge, and time needed to run ADCs. Snapt’s 24/7 engineering support is always there to assist you.



Which product is right for me?

Aria and Nova are both full-stack ADCs including load balancer, accelerator, WAF, and GSLB.

Aria is optimized for traditional architectures, with standalone deployment and control. Nova is optimized for modern and multi-cloud architectures, with centralized deployment and control.

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