Snapt Aria ADC Features

Aria includes a high performance network load balancer, web accelerator, WAF, GSLB, high availability and one year of technical support.

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Snapt Aria Overview

Key Information: Aria software load balancer

Load Balancer

Powerful and high performance software load balancer supporting 100,000+ RPS, and 10,000+SSL TPS.

Web Accelerator

Boost your website’s performance with caching, compression, minifying, and security offloading.


Robust security (including DDoS protection), compliance (PCI, GDPR, HIPAA), and detailed analytics.

Modern Architecture

Advanced observability, lightweight processes, container-friendly design and an open API.

Load Balancer Performance Guidelines

These are based on an entry-level 2 CPU, 4GB system.





Bare Metal 100,000+ 8,000+ 1gbps+
VMware 60,000+ 6,000+ 1gbps+
Xen 40,000+ 6,000+ 1gbps+
OpenStack/KVM 40,000+ 5,000+ 1gbps+
HyperV 20,000+ 4,000+ 1gbps+

Even on the simplest hardware, Snapt Aria performs extremely well. It is built to handle a large amount of data and a high number of requests per second. Although it is capable of much more, we advise clients that if your load is under 10,000 requests per second, you do not need to concern yourselves with the performance of the system.


“Snapt doesn't just treat you like a customer – they make you feel like you are a real partner. They truly want you to succeed.”

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