High Performance Layer 7 Software Load Balancer

Powerful Layer 7 software load balancer for IT and Network Ops. Keep your websites, e-commerce apps, and enterprise software online.


High-Performance Load Balancer, Low Resource Footprint

Extremely fast software Load Balancer even on the simplest hardware. Built for high requests per second, high throughput, and low CPU/memory requirements.

On an entry-level server 2 CPU cores and 4GB RAM, it will power 100,000 RPS on bare metal and 60,000 RPS in VMware.


Powerful Layer 7 Load Balancer Features

HTTP, TCP, and UDP load balancing and routing rules. Active health monitoring. SSL acceleration/offload. Session cookie persistence. Service discovery using DNS. Active‑active and active‑passive high availability (HA) modes.


Wizards For Common Load Balancer Use Cases

From your web servers to your enterprise IT stack, Aria makes it easy to get started fast with our customers' most common use cases.

Aria includes wizards to take the hassle out of load balancing HTTP/S, Exchange, RDP, and more.


The leading Layer 7 load balancer

Snapt Aria is a comprehensive and powerful high-performance software load balancer. Chosen by the worlds leading technology companies, and powering trillions of connections daily.

Load Balancing


  • RDP, Terminal Server

  • Any SQL Server

  • Microsoft Exchange

  • UDP (including IKEv2, DNS)

  • SMTP

  • SSH, FTP, SFTP, Telnet

  • Any TCP Protocol


  • PCI-compliance

  • DoS Protection

  • Bot Blocking

  • Hotlink Prevention

  • OWASP-10 Firewall

  • Rate Limit APIs, Users


  • GDPR

Detailed Analytics

  • Response Times

  • HTTP and TCP Errors

  • Client and Server Latency

  • Alert on Any Metrics

  • Anomaly Detection

  • Custom HTTP Health Checks

  • DoS and Abuse Monitoring

  • API Accessible Metrics


  • 120,000 HTTP RPS

  • 20,000 SSL TPS

  • Extremely Low Latency

  • Highest VM/Cloud Performance

  • Highest RPS per Dollar

  • Compression Offloading

  • SSL Offloading

  • Minify JS, CSS, HTML and more

Why Snapt

What makes Aria Load Balancer different?

Snapt Aria takes a fundamentally different approach from the competition. Our portable software backed up by customer-friendly pricing means we can offer something truly special: buy once, run anywhere, get everything included.

The Challenge

Legacy load balancing vendors lack flexibility and charge extra for every piece of functionality.

Traditional Load Balancers

WAF or GSLB sold separately. Getting the total package costs extra and is not integrated.

Different products for different environments. Hybrid deployments result in double-dipping and tool sprawl.

Poor performance with virtual machines, containers, or public clouds. Not designed for modern architectures.

The Solution

Aria Load Balancer is designed for high-performance and modern computing. Run Snapt in any environment, and load balance any protocol.

Snapt Aria Load Balancer

WAF, GSLB, Web Acceleration, Redundancy, and more are included as a standard.

Buy once, run anywhere. No need to purchase the same product again just to run in VMs, public clouds, or containers.

80GB throughput, 120,000 requests per second load balancing for all platforms.

Flexible Load Balancer Configuration

Run Anywhere, Load Balance Anything

Load balance traffic from your web servers to an Exchange cluster, Remote Desktops, or SQL servers. Install on VMware, Hyper-V, OpenStack/KVM, Xen, and more.


Includes all the benefits of the Snapt Aria ADC platform:

Full ADC Solution

Aria provides total protection, high performance, and a small resource footprint. Load Balancer, Web Accelerator, Web Application Firewall (WAF), and Global Server Load Balancer (GSLB) included. Learn more about Snapt Aria.

Build Anywhere

Aria protects any app or traffic, including monolithic, cloud-native, microservices, and TCP/UDP. Deploy Aria in any cloud, VM, or bare metal. Aria makes it easy to migrate workloads to modern architectures.

Deploy Fast

User-friendly wizards make deploying, configuring, and managing a load balancer simple, drastically reducing the skills, experience, knowledge, and time needed to run ADCs.

Fair, Transparent, Scalable Pricing

Flexible pricing to suit your business, starting at only $113/m. Upgrade or shift your licenses at any time with no fees – no lock-in! Check out our pricing.

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