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Best ADC solution for traditional architectures and standalone deployment
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Complete, high-performance ADC

Aria is a complete ADC featuring a layer-7 load balancer, web accelerator, web application firewall (WAF) and global server load balancer (GSLB), handling upwards of 150,000 RPS, 100,000 TPS, and 20,000 SSL TPS.

Cloud-native ADC

Aria embraces any architecture, at all points on the spectrum from monolithic to cloud-native applications. You can deploy Aria on any cloud (public/private), containers, VM/hypervisor, or bare metal.

Agile ADC

Aria de-risks your infrastructure planning and procurement with flexible licensing that allows scaling on-demand with no over or under-provisioning and up to 80% lower TCO.

Aria is the ADC platform with the complete features you need to protect business-critical services, the ability to support a cloud-native transformation, and the agility to adapt to your needs without making change costly.

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