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High Performance Web Accelerator

Powerful HTTPS / SSL web accelerator for IT, Marketing, and Platform Engineers. Keep your websites, e-commerce apps, and CMS platforms running fast.

High-Performance Web Accelerator

Page speed matters more than ever. Dramatically speed-up your website and get the PageSpeed Score you want! Experience a 50-70% reduction in web requests and a 2-5X decrease in the time taken to load pages.

Reduce bandwidth usage by more than 75% with content re-writing and compression. Get up to 3X faster SSL performance and an A+ SSL rating with SSL offloading.


Powerful Web Accelerator Features

Minify website source files: JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and more. Compress rich media files: video, audio, and images. High speed caching. SSL/TLS offloading.

Connection management offloading. Intelligently adjust expiry times, content settings, compression, and more.


Content acceleration that'll supercharge your website

Snapt Aria is a powerful HTTP/S accelerator capable of dramatically reducing the time taken to load your page. This leads to higher conversion rates, better PageSpeed, SEO rankings, and lower load on your webservers.


  • Automatic JS & CSS minification

  • Request Reduction & Flattening

  • Dynamic and Static Caching

  • PageSpeed Optimization

  • A+ SSL Scores

  • 90+ PageSpeed Scores


  • DoS Protection

  • Rate Limiting

  • Load Balancing

  • Backend Health Monitoring

  • OWASP-10 Firewall

  • GSLB and High Availability

Detailed Analytics

  • Cache Rates

  • Connection Rates

  • Throughput Monitoring

  • Latency Monitoring

  • Anomaly Detection

  • Full Reporting


  • 120,000 HTTP/S

  • 20,000 SSL TPS

  • Compression Offloading

  • SSL Acceleration

  • Object and Page Caching

Why Snapt

What makes Aria Web Accelerator different?

Snapt Aria takes a fundamentally different approach from the competition. Our portable software backed up by customer-friendly pricing means we can offer something truly special: buy once, run anywhere, get everything included.

The Challenge

Legacy load balancing vendors lack flexibility and charge extra for every piece of functionality.

Traditional Web Accelerators

WAF or GSLB sold separately. Getting the total package costs extra and is not integrated.

Different products for different environments. Hybrid deployments result in double-dipping and tool sprawl.

Web Accelerator must be deployed on-platform with your website. Does not work with third-party hosted website CMS.

The Solution

Aria Web Accelerator is designed for high-performance and modern computing. Run Snapt in any environment, and accelerate any web content.

Snapt Aria Web Accelerator

Load Balancer, WAF, GSLB, Redundancy, and more are included as a standard.

Buy once, run anywhere. No need to purchase the same product again just to run in VMs, public clouds, or containers.

Web Accelerator works on-platform with your website, or off-platform via DNS. Works with hosted website CMS like HubSpot and Wordpress.com.

Flexible Web Accelerator Configuration

Run Anywhere, Accelerate Anything

Compress, minify, rewrite, cache, and secure web traffic for web servers, e-commerce, blogs, and more. It even works via DNS! Install on Public Clouds, VMware, Hyper-V, OpenStack/KVM, Xen, and more.


Includes all the benefits of the Snapt Aria ADC platform:

Full ADC Solution

Aria provides total protection, high performance, and a small resource footprint. Load Balancer, Web Accelerator, Web Application Firewall (WAF), and Global Server Load Balancer (GSLB) included. Learn more about Snapt Aria.

Build Anywhere

Aria protects any app or traffic, including monolithic, cloud-native, microservices, and TCP/UDP. Deploy Aria in any cloud, VM, or bare metal. Aria makes it easy to migrate workloads to modern architectures.

Deploy Fast

User-friendly wizards make deploying, configuring, and managing a web accelerator simple, drastically reducing the skills, experience, knowledge, and time needed to run ADCs.

Fair, Transparent, Scalable Pricing

Flexible pricing to suit your business, starting at only $113/m. Upgrade or shift your licenses at any time with no fees – no lock-in! Check out our pricing.

Ready to get started? Your trial account includes full support and our installation assistance.