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Aria is the premier ADC solution for businesses, providing a load balancer, web accelerator, WAF, and GSLB. Aria is more robust than own-brand cloud solutions, more flexible than traditional ADCs, and smashes performance and cost expectations.

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Full ADC, Low Resource

Aria provides total protection, high performance, and a small resource footprint. Load Balancer, Web Accelerator, WAF, and GSLB included. Avoid downtime, scale to demand, and secure enterprise data easily.


Build Anywhere

Aria protects any app or traffic, including monolithic, cloud-native, microservices, and TCP/UDP. Deploy Aria in any cloud, VM, or bare metal. Aria makes it easy to migrate workloads to modern architectures.


Deploy Fast

Aria provides the best mix of enterprise load balancing features, performance, and ease of use. User-friendly wizards make deploying, configuring, and managing a load balancer and WAF simple, drastically reducing the skills, experience, knowledge, and time needed to run ADCs.

“ Snapt doesn't just treat you like a customer – they make you feel like you are a real partner. They truly want you to succeed. ”
BetTech, Head of Professional Services

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The Challenge

IT and Security teams struggle with missing features and products designed to lock you in or make you pay extra if your environment is complex.

Traditional solutions

WAF or GSLB sold separately. Getting the total package costs extra and is not integrated.

Different products for different environments. Hybrid deployments result in double-dipping and tool sprawl.

Tools have a high skill barrier, often requiring dedicated engineering staff to deploy and maintain.

The Solution

Aria is designed for load balancing and securing traditional and modern architectures, with everything you need in a convenient and flexible package.

Snapt Aria

Everything included. Load Balancer, Accelerator, WAF, GSLB. No costly add-ons.

Buy once, run anywhere. No need to purchase the same product again just to run in VMs, public clouds, or containers.

Easy to use without specialized training. Turn any technical team member into a load balancing and security engineer.

What Can You Do With Aria?

From customer-facing websites to APIs to internal services, Aria enables applications and teams of all types and sizes to function more efficiently.

Websites and E-Commerce

Stay online, fast, and secure, maximizing your e-commerce sales, ad-revenue, and retention.

Application and Data Security

Meet compliance standards for personal and transactional data in finance, government, healthcare, and education.

IT Operations

Load balance and secure Microsoft Exchange, IIS, remote desktop (RDP and RDS), MySQL databases, and more.

How Does Aria Help You?

Aria quietly gets on with boosting performance, reducing risk, and saving you time – so you can focus on what matters.

Marketers and Webmasters

Grow your audience and protect your bottom line with simple, flexible tools that work with any website – even sites hosted by third parties like and HubSpot CMS.

CISO and Security Teams

Update your enterprise infrastructure and adopt new technologies without compromising essential security policy.

IT Managers

Protect and optimize your whole Microsoft stack with time-saving wizards, or replace EOL products like NLB and TMG.

Now that Snapt is in place, we don't have to do anything. We're not even watching the servers at all because we know that Snapt is handing the volume and requests.

Stephen Meyer, Senior IT Manager at IntelliMali

IntelliMali Case Study

IntelliMali specializes in the payment and administration of funds through its solutions IntelliCard and IntelliCell.

IntelliMali first realized they needed a new solution after onboarding a large client requiring capacity they could not handle with their infrastructure at the time. Stephen Meyer, Senior IT Manager of IntelliMali, told us that "everything fell over".

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Snapt Aria
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Trust The Best

Snapt is a Gartner-recognized application security firm, working with thousands of clients globally and protecting over 10,000 applications.


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