Load balancing and WAF for modern applications

Nova is an any-cloud, multi-location, centralized platform for deploying, controlling, and monitoring load balancers and web app firewalls at scale.

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Nova Runs Everywhere

Nova connects with all your clouds, locations, platforms, VMs, and containers, and is optimized for distributed cloud-native applications.

Create your ADC and WAF blueprints and deploy them into all your connected environments at the click of a button. Nova is modern load balancing and application security. It's time to look at ADCs as service, and not individual servers and tools!

“ Snapt doesn't just treat you like a customer – they make you feel like you are a real partner. They truly want you to succeed. ”
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What makes Nova so powerful?

Intelligent Load Balancer

Nova is a high performance Layer 7 load balancer that can be deployed anywhere in the world, and can automatically scale up to millions of SSL TPS.

AI-powered Security

Nova Nodes include the powerful Nova WAF providing secure web application firewalling to prevent hackers, DoS, abuse, bots and more.

Deploy Anywhere

Deploy Nodes into any location, VM, cloud, container, or hardware device. Scale automatically and control Nodes centrally from 1 to millions.

Easy to Use

Deploy your first Nova node in minutes, and have a full load balancing and application firewall deployment minutes after that.

Security for all your websites and apps

Nova includes a powerful Layer 7 WAF that is deployed into your environment, and centrally managed.

Block hackers, DoS, bots, and more while ensuring your systems are compliant, safe and secure.


Next-gen Load Balancing

Deploy powerful Layer 7 load balancers into any environment, and monitor and manage them centrally.

Be ready for multi-platform, and multi-cloud traffic with the highest throughput ADC in the market - capable of over 1 million SSL TPS.

Nova load balancers can handle SSL, HTTP, TCP, SQL, RDP and more.


Nova Pricing

Fair, transparent, scalable pricing

Nova is the next generation of ADCs, and has pricing to fit modern businesses.



Free for up to 2 Nodes

  • Full ADC, Layer 7 Load Balancer, WAF, Cloud Controller, GSLB
  • 1000 conc. connections/node
  • 500 SSL TPS/node
  • 2 free nodes
  • 1 backends/node
  • 2 servers/backend
  • 5 custom allowed/denied IP addresses
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Most popular

Most popular

$99 /month

Nova Basic is a SaaS-based ADC providing great scalability, robust application security, and email support.

  • Full ADC, Layer 7 Load Balancer, WAF, Cloud Controller, GSLB
  • 5000 conc. connections/node
  • 1000 SSL TPS/node
  • 1 backends/node
  • Unlimited servers/backend
  • 5 custom allowed/denied IP addresses
  • Email support during business hours
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$249 /month

Nova Professional is a SaaS-based ADC with unlimited capacity, high performance, powerful security AI, and 24/7/365 email support.

  • Full ADC, Layer 7 Load Balancer, WAF, Cloud Controller, GSLB
  • 25000 conc. connections/node
  • 4000 SSL TPS/node
  • Unlimited backends/node
  • Unlimited servers/backend
  • 50 custom allowed/denied IP addresses
  • Email Support Available 24/7/365
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