API Gateway For Modern Scalable Apps

API sprawl creates a huge security and visibility challenge. Nova provides centrally controlled API Gateways for distributed deployments, scalable applications, and agile DevOps and CI/CD teams.


What to expect

Cloud-native API gateway – made for modern apps

Nova API Gateways are secure, container-friendly, and made for DevOps and CI/CD.

Advanced WAAP Security

Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) protects against OWASP API Security Top 10 vulnerabilities. Central security policy for all your nodes, and self-learning security AI.

Cloud-Native Deployment

Nova API Gateway works with all your clouds, VMs, containers, and microservices, making it ideal for modern apps and scalable architectures.

Made For API-First Development

Nova's centralized control plane, modern load balancer, and global observability make rapid deployment, CI/CD, API versioning, and governance simple.

API Security and Access Control

In 2022 APIs are projected to be the #1 attack vector.

APIs expose valuable and sensitive data such as application logic and Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Exposing these without proper security risks data disclosure and exploitation, data manipulation, and complete account takeover.

Nova API Gateway defends against these API vulnerabilities and more.

Nova's Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) provides intelligent and high-performance defense against the OWASP API Security Top 10 vulnerabilities.

A centralized security policy and multiple Nova WAF profiles enable you to scale efficiently. Optional NovaSense threat intelligence pre-emptively blocks known threats.

Nova prevents unauthorized access with OAuth configuration and custom rulesets that provide standardized and flexible API authentication.


API Visibility and Governance

APIs are the new visibility challenge. Most organizations are unaware of API sprawl.

Microservices architectures and continuous software development pushing new API versioning all contribute to the growing sprawl. Ensuring visibility and proper governance is a real challenge.

Many organizations add new APIs and retire old versions every week. APIs are moving targets, and managing your API estate requires comprehensive vigilance.

Nova API Gateway enables you to manage access to multiple API versions with a single point of entry, so your API consumers can reliably access all your services in one place and transition to new API versions safely.

Nova's centralized data, dashboarding, and integration with reporting and visualization platforms mean you can see and secure all your APIs and API traffic, with insights into usage with real-time analytics and monitoring.

API Gateway – observability, dashboard, governance - Snapt Nova

API Health Checks and Quality of Service (QoS)

API consumers need real-time data around the clock. 

You need to maintain Service Level Objectives (SLO) of availability, throughput, response time, and quality for your APIs.

To do this, you need high-performance applications backed by scalable and highly reliable infrastructure.

Nova API Gateway ensures quality of service (QoS) and service level agreements (SLAs) by maintaining the highest degree of dependability and performance.

API response caching provides fast response to authenticated or public API requests directly from Nova's high-performance in-memory cache.

Dynamic routing, service health checking, circuit breaking for poor performance or failed services, and much more provide a consistent and fast API service for all tiers of customers.

API Gateway – health checks, quality of service (QoS) - Snapt Nova


How Does An API Gateway Work?

An API gateway receives an API request and returns an answer, acting as a middle-man or "middleware" between an API consumer and one or many API services.


Includes all the benefits of the Snapt Nova platform:

Full ADC Solution

Load Balancer, Web Application Firewall (WAF), API Gateway, and Global Server Load Balancer (GSLB) included.

Build Anywhere

Deploy Nova Nodes into any location, VM, cloud, container, or hardware device. Scale automatically and control millions of Nodes centrally.

Easy To Use

Deploy your first Nova node in minutes, and have a full load balancing and application firewall deployment minutes after that.

Fair, Scalable Pricing

Flexible pricing to suit your business, from startup to enterprise. Scale or move your Nova load balancers at any time! Check out our pricing.

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