Snapt Nova ADC Architecture

Snapt Nova ADC provides unprecedented simplicity, agility, scalability, automation and intelligence by fundamentally redefining ADC architecture with a radical design. Here's how it works.

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Snapt Nova ADC Architecture

Key Information

Nova Cloud Controller

Enables a centralized, real-time connection to all your backends, clouds and Nova ADCs. Deploy, configure, automate and monitor from one central control panel.

Nova Destinations

Intelligent DNS addresses that allow auto-scaling, traffic routing, disaster recovery, multi-cloud routing and much more.

Nova Nodes

A thin client binary that runs inside your container, VM or Linux OS and enables the Nova Cloud Controller to control it remotely and provision Nova ADCs.

Nova ADCs

ADC-as-a-service, which can grow and shrink dynamically as needed – a powerful Layer 7 load balancer, web accelerator and application firewall. You can deploy a Nova ADC to one node or many nodes at once.

Nova AI and Machine Learning Engine

Processes data from all connected Nodes in real-time and uses predictive analytics to inform intelligent security and make your environment and applications safer.

Panther Communications Protocol

Enables remote control of millions of devices in real-time and in parallel, with near-zero latency and extremely high scale.

East-West and North-South Architecture

Nova is designed to accommodate both modern east-west application centric and traditional per-environment north-south architecture.

Nova removes the cost and complexity from the data-plane, while shifting the value to the control-plane – enabling you to manage all your ADCs from a single, intelligent platform. ADCs are services, abstracted from the servers they run on, to suit the new ephemeral world.


Designed for Hyperscale

To address the explosion of services and the changing nature of where they exist, a true control-plane / data-plane architecture is required for managing ADC endpoints.

ADC nodes have no state, which means that you can scale automatically and without limitation due to controlling the configurations and routing to worker clusters.

Designed for Hyperscale -  Nova ADC UI

Central Orchestration Platform: Nova Cloud Controller

The Nova Cloud Controller provides centralized orchestration to control, monitor, deploy and manage "worker" ADCs – enabling per-application ADC at scale.

Nova uses an intent-template driven architecture that allows you to deploy nodes, monitor telemetry, setup security profiles and (among other features) create ADC templates and attach them to any number of nodes.

Central Orchestration Platform - Nova Cloud Controller UI

Intelligent, Automated GSLB 2.0

To route traffic to multiple locations and services based on proximity or availability on a global level, we needed to re-imagine GSLB.

Nova GSLB 2.0 is a global, hosted, any-casted GSLB platform that runs on the Nova Cloud. Nova GSLB 2.0 understands the Nova autoscalers and is able to route traffic automatically between locations in response to newly provisioned nodes, failures and traffic spikes.

Snapt Nova GSBL Diagram

Powerful, Lightweight Worker ADC

Nova was designed to provide ultra-lightweight yet feature-full ADCs-as-a-service.

Nova's “worker” ADCs run on any Linux, VM or Container platform, with 100,000+ RPS and 10,000+ TPS on small public cloud instances.

A threaded engine supports scale-up or scale-out environments, and supports hot reloads from the Nova Cloud, as well as its own “in network” service discovery.

Snapt Nova ADC- lightweight worker

Lightning Fast Real-Time Communications: The Panther Platform

Panther is the underlying patent-pending communication technology that powers the Nova network.

Panther enables remote control of millions of devices in real-time and in parallel. This means bi-directional communication with unlimited nodes and the ability to deploy configurations, read metrics, and transfer information at scale.

Nova UI Dashboard