Snapt Nova Cloud Controller

The dynamic central “brain” of the Nova platform

Nova Cloud Controller is the centralized control platform for deploying, configuring, monitoring and scaling your Nova ADCs - from one to thousands.

The Nova Cloud Controller provides centralized management, orchestration, reporting, analytics and more for all of your connected Nova Nodes.

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Key Information

Faster Deployment

Simplifies and automates traditionally manual tasks, reducing time-to-market and increasing scalability. Launch Nova ADCs in under 1 min!

Increase Performance and Lower Costs

Intelligent autoscaling lowers compute costs, eliminates over-provisioning and increases application performance and availability.

Data-Driven Decisions and AI

Understand your traffic and app performance like never before to drive actionable insights. Go further with AI-based autoscaling and security.

ADC as a Platform

Make Nova the foundation for your application delivery fabric.

Centralized deployment, control, monitoring and scaling from a single management UI for up to tens of thousands of ADCs.

Nova Cloud Controller can control any number of Nova ADCs on connected Nova Nodes – from single instances or thousands all at once. Using near real-time telemetry between Nodes, you’ll see detailed stats and reporting information for all systems, in one easy-to-use centralized view.

Nova connects easily to multiple cloud backends and provides an open API for custom configuration and integration.

ADCs as Services

Don't just get an ADC, get the ability to create any number of ADCs on-demand. 

The Nova Cloud Controller serves Nova ADCs to your Nodes and treats them as services that can expand or contract as needed, dynamically adjusting to changes in demand, capacity, behaviour and threats.

You can monitor all your Node ADCs in real-time using the Nova Cloud Controller – live and interactive – thanks to our lightning-fast Panther communication technology.

ADCs as a Service - Nova ADC UI

Remote Control

Nova gives you unparalleled command of your devices and backends.

The Nova Cloud Controller distributes a thin client binary that runs inside your connected containers, VMs or Linux OS, which enables it to control them remotely and provision Nova ADCs.

Our patent-pending Panther communications technology enables real-time communication between the Cloud Controller and your Nodes with near-zero latency. This architecture enables Nova to control millions of devices simultaneously with latency in milliseconds.

Remote Control - Nova ADC Dashboard

Integration and Service Discovery

Your platforms and traffic are dynamic – your ADC should be too.

The Nova Cloud Controller integrates directly with most cloud providers and container platforms including AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean, Docker, Google Cloud Platform and Kubernetes.

For cloud-native container platforms suitable for microservices, Nova supports native local service discovery to find and configure your backends.

These close integrations allow the Cloud Controller to connect new Nodes and launch new Nova ADCs dynamically for rapid, automated scale-out.


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