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Centralized Control Plane for Software Defined Load Balancing

Nova decouples the control plane from the data plane, and centralizes the intelligence in the Nova Cloud Controller. Deploy, configure, and monitor thousands of Nova load balancers and WAFs from a "single pane of glass".

Why Centralized Control

Scale, Protect, and Adapt – Smarter and Faster

Nova's centralized control plane enables Software Defined Load Balancing with a real-time low-latency connection to millions of data plane nodes.

Scale Efficiently

Nova ADCs are services, not servers. Deploy, configure, and monitor millions of application services from one place, reducing the cost of scale. 100X bigger scale than the competition!

Secure Everywhere

Set your security rules centrally and push them to every node. Consistent, validated, and instantaneous security policy, even in sprawling networks. Great for ensuring compliance.

Learn and Automate

Nova ingests traffic, app, and server data, making it the perfect platform for machine learning and AI. Nova is self-learning and provides an autonomous response to threats, outages, and performance drops.

Deploy Anywhere

Nova connects to all of your backends – every cloud, data center, server, VM, and Kubernetes container. Deploy load balancers, WAFs, and API Gateways anywhere with true multi-cloud support.

See Everything

Real-time telemetry and end-to-end observability for your application security, health, and performance in our modern UI or via API in any reporting platform. Easy, accessible, and time-saving.

Save Resources

Nova's lightweight ADC services have no on-node configuration or UI, and minimal intelligence to operate autonomously. This means they use far less resources than other load balancers and WAFs.

Nova Controller

Control, Automation, and Telemetry

The Nova Controller deploys app services to any number of lightweight Nova worker nodes, pulling app telemetry from every backend. DevOps can fully automate scalable app services via API and output telemetry data too.


Load Balancer as a Service

With Snapt Nova, you don't buy a load balancer – you get the superpower to create an unlimited number of load balancers and WAFs on-demand!

This is only possible because Nova shifts the intelligence and control into the cloud. 

Now your application infrastructure works in the same way as your cloud resources and other modern SaaS tools. Scale-up, scale-down, manage it remotely and only pay for what you use.

Shift your infrastructure and capacity planning from a CapEx to an OpEx model to replace lock-in and over-provisioning with freedom and agility.


Multi-Cloud, Edge Compute, and Cloud-Native

Centralized control of application infrastructure enables distributed applications.

Complexity is often cited as the main reason not to adopt a multi-cloud or containerized strategy, or to deploy distributed applications on edge compute.

Ensuring security and observability in multiple clouds, clusters of Kubernetes containers or thousands of edge nodes is a huge challenge for standalone load balancers and WAFs, or the own-brand ones available in public clouds.

Nova works in every cloud simultaneously, and manages application infrastructure in millions of edge nodes or containers from a central UI, removing the complexity.


Continuous Improvement

With Snapt Nova, you get centralized control as standard.

That means you get a solution for load balancing and securing your websites, apps, and APIs designed to function with centralized control from Day 1.

Our commitment to this model helped us to build a solution that has a lot of advantages for you – such as lightweight and resource-efficient application services, and the ability to feed Nova's enormous datasets through machine learning (ML) that continually makes Nova smarter.

You can speed up deployment, and empower application developers without compromising security.

You won't get these benefits built-in anywhere else.

Snapt Nova Node UI - Centralized Control Plane - Modern Load Balancer and WAF

Self-Healing Infrastructure

Devices with an integrated control plane and data plane are inherently fragile.

If the device is damaged, the configuration and data might be lost. When disasters strike, recovery can be slow or costly, because you need to deploy new infrastructure and restore the previous configuration from backups.

Nova shifts all the value to the centralized control plane, so disasters have little effect and Nova can self-heal in seconds. If your Nova Nodes are destroyed in a disaster, Nova can re-deploy instantly to healthy nodes, with all the configuration replicated from the centralized Nova Cloud Controller.




What Does Centralized Control Look Like?

Nova deploys application services and autoscalers to Nova Nodes in front of your backends and application servers.


Centralized control powers all the benefits of the Snapt Nova platform:

Full ADC Solution

Load Balancer, Web Application Firewall (WAF), API Gateway, and Global Server Load Balancer (GSLB) included.

Build Anywhere

Deploy Nova Nodes into any location, VM, cloud, container, or hardware device. Scale automatically and control millions of Nodes centrally.

Easy To Use

Deploy your first Nova node in minutes, and have a full load balancing and application firewall deployment minutes after that.

Fair, Transparent, Scalable Pricing

Flexible pricing to suit your business, starting at only $99/m per node. Scale or move your Nova load balancers at any time! Check out our pricing.

How Nova's Centralized Control Works

Nova is architected for modern applications and workflows.

Nova Cloud Controller

Provides a web-based UI, centralized configuration, and real-time connection with your whole deployment.

Nova Destinations

Provide flexible multi-location Global Server Load Balancer functionality in front of your Nova Nodes.

Nova Nodes

Synced with the Nova Cloud Controller but can function independently. Can be in any cloud, server, VM, or container.

Nova ADCs

Lightweight application services such as load balancers, WAFs, and API Gateways that are deployed to Nova Nodes.

Snapt's Proprietary Protocol

Maintains a unique low-latency connection throughout the Nova deployment for incredible responsiveness at scale.


Monitor the traffic demands on each Nova Node and trigger Nova to scale-out additional Nova ADCs when required.


Nova connects to your clouds, servers, and Kubernetes clusters with service discovery for upstream app servers.

Application Servers

Nova monitors your web servers, databases, Exchange, and more, providing load balancing and WAF on-demand.

Centralize Your App Infrastructure Today

Take control of your websites, apps, and APIs with a centralized control plane and near-zero latency.