Snapt Nova Features

Nova includes a high performance, high-availability load balancer, GSLB and WAF. The Nova Cloud provides centralized control, observability, analytics and automation.

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Snapt Nova Overview with Cloud Controller

Key Information

Load Balancer

Powerful and high performance software load balancer supporting 100,000+ RPS, and 10,000+ SSL TPS.

GSLB 2.0

Intelligent DNS addresses that allow auto-scaling, traffic routing, disaster recovery, and multi-cloud routing.


Powerful HTTP/S WAF protecting your systems against the OWASP Top 10, DoS, data leaks and more.

Total Observability

Real-time telemetry and visibility monitoring rates, HTTP errors and POSTs, known vulnerability endpoints and more

Centralized Controller

Deploy, configure and monitor Nova ADCs from one central control panel with near-zero latency.

Real-Time Scaling

Automated, on-demand scale-out and scale-in for your services, servers, apps and platform, across clouds and containers.

Deploy Anywhere

Nova ADCs can run in any container, any cloud, and on any VM. Manage K8S containers and AWS instances together.

AI Enhancement

Nova's AI monitors your deployment for anomalies, brute force attacks, performance issues and more, and reacts intelligently.

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