Snapt Nova

Nova is a centrally managed, container-based ADC platform providing Layer 7 load balancing, GSLB, WAF and web acceleration. Nova is cloud-native, hyperscale and intelligent.

Snapt Aria

Software load balancing, web acceleration, WAF and global DNS load balancer. Blazing fast throughputs, high SSL TPS and runs on any cloud, VM or bare metal.

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Snapt Nova Features

Nova includes a high performance, high-availability load balancer, GSLB and WAF. The Nova Cloud provides centralized control, observability, analytics and automation.

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Snapt Nova Overview with Cloud Controller

Key Information

Load Balancer

Powerful and high performance software load balancer supporting 100,000+ RPS, and 10,000+ SSL TPS.

GSLB 2.0

Intelligent DNS addresses that allow auto-scaling, traffic routing, disaster recovery, and multi-cloud routing.


Powerful HTTP/S WAF protecting your systems against the OWASP Top 10, DoS, data leaks and more.

Total Observability

Real-time telemetry and visibility monitoring rates, HTTP errors and POSTs, known vulnerability endpoints and more

Centralized Controller

Deploy, configure and monitor Nova ADCs from one central control panel with near-zero latency.

Real-Time Scaling

Automated, on-demand scale-out and scale-in for your services, servers, apps and platform, across clouds and containers.

Deploy Anywhere

Nova ADCs can run in any container, any cloud, and on any VM. Manage K8S containers and AWS instances together.

AI Enhancement

Nova's AI monitors your deployment for anomalies, brute force attacks, performance issues and more, and reacts intelligently.

Nova Cloud Controller

Centralized ADC Platform. Control, Monitor, Scale.

Nova ADCs

Layer 7 availability, performance and security.

Nova Destinations: GSLB 2.0

Global Server DNS Load Balancing.

Security and WAF

Powered by Nova's AI and Machine Learning Engine.

Web Accelerator

Reduces website load times and backend server utilization.

Load Balancer

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Nova Cloud Controller

Centralized deployment, configuration, reporting, monitoring, and more.

The Nova Cloud Controller provides one central control panel from which you can control your entire Nova deployment: connecting backends and nodes; deploying and monitoring ADCs; and viewing telemetry and analytics.

Manage all your Nova ADCs as services, abstracted from the servers they run on, to suit the modern application architectures.

Snapt Nova Cloud Controller features:

  • Host in Snapt’s own Nova Cloud, or host it yourself in your own environment (Enterprise plans only)
  • Connect and deploy Nova ADCs to multiple clouds in multiple locations, simultaneously
  • High availability as standard: all licenses include ability to deploy multiple ADCs in multiple locations
  • Configure powerful automation and leverage Nova's AI and Machine Learning Engine to react automatically to complex changes
  • Real-time ADC telemetry and visibility for rates, HTTP errors and POSTs, known vulnerability endpoints and more

Learn more about the Snapt Nova Cloud Controller

Nova ADCs

Powerful load balancing and acceleration, at any scale. Easily deploy, configure, monitor and scale Nova ADCs – from one to thousands.

Nova ADCs feature:

  • Over 100,000 HTTP requests per second on basic hardware
  • Layer 7 load balancing
  • SSL termination
  • Health checks
  • Performance limits
  • Secure yourself against scraping, bots, DoS, brute force and more
  • Scale-out automatically to multiple locations or active endpoints
  • Runs in any container, any cloud, and on any VM
  • Cloud-native service discovery for easy integration with Kubernetes
  • Direct integration with AWS, DigitalOcean and Microsoft Azure
  • Deployment templates for HTTP/S, Exchange, RDP, SSL acceleration and much more
  • Cache static and dynamic content
Learn more about Snapt Nova ADCs

Nova Destinations: GSLB 2.0

Destinations are powerful Nova powered intelligent DNS addresses that allow auto-scaling, traffic routing, disaster recovery, multi-cloud routing and much more.

Snapt Nova Destinations include:

  • Easy and flexible configuration: Nova Destinations are GSLB endpoints that allow you to route traffic to multiple global locations
  • Best-in-class DNS network: 25 network POPs on 6 continents to ensure you get the best performance — any time, anywhere
  • Auto-scale ready: automatically scale-out Nova ADCs quickly and easily, reacting in seconds to new infrastructure, connection failures or traffic spikes
  • Automatic disaster recovery: automatic diversion of traffic upon detecting a failure, lowering mean time to recovery (MTTR)
  • Multi-cloud: route users intelligently between multiple cloud providers (AWS, DigitalOcean, Azure, Google Cloud Platform)
  • Location-based routing: Route users / requests to the closest instance of your application to improve response times
  • Compliance (GDPR): ensure your application is compliant with privacy and security laws by routing traffic to servers within country borders
  • Hybrid cloud environments: seamlessly manage traffic between on-premises and cloud environments

Learn more about Snapt Nova's GSLB 

Security and WAF

Nova's WAF uses predictive analytics and real time data to inform intelligent security and make your environment and applications safer. Nova Nodes are in constant communication with the Nova Cloud Controller, allowing detailed and instant monitoring and reaction to threats. This closed loop design allows us to detect and prevent threats.

Snapt Nova WAF includes:

  • Automatic A+ SSL: ensure your SSL is as secure as possible, keeping your users' data safe
  • Intelligent HTTP/S security: protecting against DoS, threats, botnets, and application attacks
  • Layer 7 WAF: easy-to-use OWASP Top 10 protection for all your VMs, Cloud servers and containers
  • DoS prevention, Layer 7 HTTP/S firewalling, blacklisting and whitelisting, geographic rulesets
  • IP protection (GeoIP blocking)
  • Data leakage protection
  • Daily blacklist updates
  • Active and passive protection
  • Robust custom rulesets
  • HTTP validation
  • Monitor SQL injections, data leaks, intrusion attempts and more in headers, body, cookies and URL parameters
  • Cross-site scripting mitigation
  • Cookie tampering protection

Learn more about Snapt Nova's WAF

Web Accelerator

Boost your website’s performance, responsiveness and scalability. Reduce your website’s page load times and your backend application server’s CPU utilization by offloading SSL/TLS, leveraging content caching and compression techniques.  

Snapt Nova Web Accelerator includes:

  • Improve page load by 50-80%
  • Provide A+ SSL and Page Speed ratings
  • Minifying website source files: JavaScript, CSS, HTML and more
  • Compression of rich media files: video, audio and images
  • High speed caching of frequently requested pages
  • SSL/TLS offloading
  • Connection management offloading
  • Intelligently adjust expiry times, content settings, compression and more with minimal effort

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Nova has been a colossal success in our organization. It has quickly become an integral part of our products, services and even internal processes. Such a dynamic, secure, and performant ADC is a game changer.

 – Ben Erridge, CTO, CIM Inc.

By listing Snapt’s solution on Marketplace, we make it even easier for DigitalOcean to provide its community of four million developers with the tools they need to easily scale, secure, accelerate and monitor their applications.

– John Gannon, Manager Marketplace & Ecosystems at DigitalOcean

Nova is the first ADC solution to overcome the challenges of hyperscale networks with global reach. It is the first and only ADC to incorporate AI-based security and scaling.

– Dave Blakey, CTO, Snapt

Snapt Nova ADC is next-gen

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