Snapt Nova Multi-Cloud Load Balancer

Centrally managed load balancing, acceleration and web security at hyper scale.

Nova deploys from one to thousands of "worker" ADCs as services into any cloud, VM or container environment. The Nova ADCs are powerful Layer 7 load balancers, web accelerators and firewalls that can process 100,000 Layer 7 requests per second and block gigabits of data on a single container. They provide service discovery, SSL termination, health checks, performance limits, autoscaling and more. 

Nova ADCs are controlled by the centralized Nova Cloud Controller for deploying, configuring, monitoring and scaling. 

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Snapt Nova Load Balancer

Key Information

Intelligent Load Balancing

Powerful load balancing with service discovery, SSL termination, health checks and performance limits. Nova ADCs can reach over 100,000 HTTP requests per second on basic hardware.

Powerful Telemetry

Monitor application latency, error rates, throughput, users and much more. Detailed Layer 7 telemetry and alerting allows you to understand and react to traffic.

Security and Scalability

Secure yourself against scraping, bots, DoS, brute force and more. Nova ADCs can scale-out automatically to many locations or active endpoints.

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