Dynamic, Modern Load Balancer as a Service

Centrally controlled Layer 7 cloud load balancer for distributed deployments, scalable applications, multi-cloud, and agile DevOps teams.


Load Balance Apps On Any Cloud, Any Platform

Span multiple clouds and diverse production pipelines with centralized control of Nova load balancers in multiple environments. Nova is cloud neutral, container friendly, with native service discovery and no lock-in.

Run applications in a multi-cloud deployment for advanced scaling, disaster resilience, or geographic reach, with easy support for least-cost or least-latency routing.

If you have modern apps running at scale in Kubernetes containers, traditional enterprise apps in VMs in your on-premises data canter, and your development team is building something new in AWS, Nova will load balance everything with consistent configuration and visibility.


Load Balancer For Hyperscale Applications

Nova load balancers aren't static – they're dynamic. Nova instantiates and scales lightweight load balancer services when and where they are needed, anywhere in your network.

When demand spikes and your application scales up, Nova will automatically deploy additional load balancing capacity to any cloud in 30 seconds or less. And when demand falls? Nova scales in to conserve resources. Usage-based billing means you pay less for your load balancer when demand is low.

Nova load balancers are lightweight data plane "workers" handling HTTP and TCP load balancing and routing at up to 10,000 SSL TPS per node in a container.


Intent-Based Load Balancer Config Lets You Focus On Outcomes

Nova simplifies the setup and management of load balancing configuration. Just tell Nova what you want to do, using the intent-based templates and profiles, and Nova is smart enough to set the underlying config to produce the outcome you want.

In just a few clicks, deploy a load balancer designed and optimized for Exchange, RDP, MySQL, or SSL termination.

You can easily deploy a configuration to multiple cloud providers, or the same WAF/WAAP rules to your Kubernetes environment, containers, clouds, and private data center.

Embrace cloud neutrality and platform neutrality with the ability to deploy anywhere, at any time.


The most scalable Layer 7 cloud load balancer

Snapt Nova is an intelligent and centrally managed multi-cloud load balancer. Chosen by the worlds leading technology companies, and powering trillions of connections daily.

Load Balancing


  • RDP, Terminal Server

  • Any SQL Server

  • Microsoft Exchange

  • SMTP

  • SSH, FTP, SFTP, Telnet

  • Any TCP Protocol


  • ML-Powered Anomaly Detection

  • DoS Protection

  • Global Bot Detection and Blocking

  • Hotlink Prevention

  • OWASP-10 Firewall

  • Rate Limit APIs, Users

Detailed Analytics

  • Response Times

  • HTTP and TCP Errors

  • Client and Server Latency

  • Alert on Any Metrics

  • Anomaly Detection

  • Custom HTTP Health Checks

  • DoS and Abuse Monitoring

  • API Accessible Metrics


  • 100,000 HTTP RPS per node

  • 10,000 SSL TPS per node

  • Near-Zero Latency

  • Highest Scale Performance

  • Over 1,000,000 SSL TPS across millions of nodes

  • SSL Termination and Offloading

Why Snapt

What makes Nova Load Balancer different?

Snapt Nova takes a fundamentally different approach from the competition. Our modern LBaaS architecture means we can offer something truly special: run anywhere, scale without limit, get all the modern essentials included, and simplify the whole process of load balancing.

The Challenge

Legacy load balancing vendors make hyperscale and multi-cloud complex, and charge extra for security, visibility, and central control.

Traditional Load Balancers

Maintaining distributed deployments of tens, hundreds, or thousands of individually managed load balancers takes forever and risks inconsistency.

WAF, GSLB, observability, machine learning, automation, and central control of distributed load balancers all sold separately. Getting the total package costs extra and is not integrated.

Poor performance with containers or public clouds. Different products for different environments. Hybrid deployments result in tool sprawl.

The Solution

Nova Load Balancer is designed for highly scalable distributed app deployments and sets a new standard for what to expect in a modern load balancer.

Snapt Nova Modern Load Balancer

Centralized control of up to millions of dynamic load balancers simplifies and accelerates even the biggest deployments.

WAF, GSLB, end-to-end observability, ML and AI enhancement, and a centralized control plane are included as a standard. Everything you need for a modern app infrastructure.

Designed for modern architectures including elastic scaling, multi-cloud, and microservices. One load balancer for any app, any cloud, any scale.

Modern Load Balancer Architecture

Central Control, Instant Results

Load balance traffic in AWS, Azure, GCP, DigitalOcean, Kubernetes, Linode, Openshift, Oracle Cloud, vmware, and more, with built-in autoscaling.


Includes all the benefits of the Snapt Nova platform:

Full ADC Solution

Load Balancer, Web Application Firewall (WAF), API Gateway, and Global Server Load Balancer (GSLB) included. Learn more about Snapt Nova.

Build Anywhere

Deploy Nova Nodes into any location, VM, cloud, container, or hardware device. Scale automatically and control millions of Nodes centrally.

Easy To Use

Deploy your first Nova node in minutes, and have a full load balancing and application firewall deployment minutes after that.

Fair, Transparent, Scalable Pricing

Flexible pricing to suit your business, starting at only $99/m per node. Scale or move your Nova load balancers at any time! Check out our pricing.

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