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Best ADC solution for modern architectures and centralized orchestration.
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Nova-icon CSnapt Nova

Elastic, self-scaling ADC

Nova is natively self-scaling, enabled by the centralized Nova Cloud Controller. Nova scales up, down, in and out on-demand – quickly, easily and economically. Nova enables dynamic, near-instant, massive hyperscale – 100x larger than its closest competitor.

Multi-cloud ADC

Nova reduces the complexity and cost of multi-cloud by enabling seamless multi-cloud redundancy, autoscaling, security, monitoring and optimization, and least-cost / least- latency routing.

Smartest, most secure ADC

Nova provides real-time insights and controls, holistic observability, and better intelligence. Users benefit from more efficient operations, effective decision-making, and improved security and risk management. Nova's Machine Learning engine allows instant threat recognition and autonomous response to sophisticated multi-vector attacks.

Nova is the ADC platform with the complete features you need to protect business-critical services, the capability to support hyperscale and multi-cloud strategies, and the intelligence to enforce security beyond the usual limits.

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