Deploy, Scale, and Protect Without Limit

Nova provides centralized security, visibility, and control for your application pipeline. More than just another load balancer, Nova reimagines application delivery with hyperscale, multi-cloud, and AI enhancement as standard.

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Scale Without Limit

Nova scales-in and scales-out automatically, intelligently, and economically. Nova enables dynamic real-time hyperscale even in massive, global, hybrid environments.


Go Multi-Cloud

Nova reduces the complexity and cost of multi-cloud by enabling seamless redundancy, autoscaling, security, monitoring and optimization, and least-cost / least-latency routing.


Level-Up Your Security

Nova’s real-time insight and control, and ML-powered threat response, enable more efficient operations, effective decision-making, and improved security and risk management.

“ We take security and performance very seriously. Now we have robust WAF logging, load balancing and automated SSL-management with an incredible easy-to-use container deployment model. ”
Ian Chizmar, Co-Founder and Chief Architect, I-Track Software

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The Challenge

DevOps and Security teams struggle with compliance, visibility, control, and flexibility in complex and continuous production pipelines.

Traditional Solutions

Security, Visibility, and Centralized Control sold separately. Getting all the modern essentials gets expensive fast.

Each ADC or load balancer needs to be purchased, installed, and configured individually.

Different products for different environments. Hybrid deployments result in double-dipping and tool sprawl.

The Solution

Nova is designed for load balancing and securing modern architectures and workflows, with an ADC-as-a-Service model.

Snapt Nova

Security, Visibility, and Centralized Control as standard. These are foundational, not optional extras.

Configure once, scale infinitely. No need to buy, install and configure every ADC instance.

Buy once, run anywhere. No need to purchase the same product again just to run in VMs, public clouds, or containers.

What Can You Do With Nova?

For applications and environments operating at the cutting edge of scale, performance, or resilience, Nova provides unmatched automation, visibility, and protection.

Hyperscale Web Applications

Centralized security, visibility, and control; near-zero latency in even the largest deployments; autoscaling tech matched with scalable licensing.

Distributed Hybrid Environments

Develop, test, and deploy in different environments, with unified policy and end-to-end visibility.

Extreme Resilience to Disaster or Attack

Global cloud+N redundancy, AI security and threat intelligence, near-instant recovery from failure.

How Does Nova Help You?

Nova unlocks your true potential, with virtually no limits to your scale or performance, and near-zero latency for real-time metrics and control.

Cloud / Network Architects

Embrace bigger and more complex deployments with confidence – with autoscaling, security, and visibility in multi-cloud and multi-architecture environments.

DevOps Engineers

Simplify and optimize your workflow with continuous improvement / continuous deployment, made easy with one unified solution covering every workload and process

Site Reliability Engineers and Security Teams

Stay online and secure in even the biggest traffic spikes, the most devastating disasters, or the most sophisticated multi-vector threats.

Solution architects learnt the lesson of neutrality long ago. Once you wrote PL/SQL, you could almost never move away from Oracle.

But these mistakes are being made again today. Cloud lock-in is becoming costly and restrictive to businesses. Cloud neutrality is the answer.

Dave Blakey, CTO at Snapt

Cloud Neutrality solution brief

Virtually all companies today are primarily cloud-hosted or have workloads in public clouds. However, the promise of lower costs and increased agility is too often replaced by escalating expenses and "vendor lock-in".

Clients are seeing per-request ingress bills from services like AWS ALB and Azure Gateway run to tens of thousands of dollars a month. Additionally, these own-brand services aren’t compatible with other clouds, locking you in and reducing agility. These costs and lock-in make it extremely difficult for companies to adopt multi-cloud and hybrid deployments and to embrace scalability, containerization, and modern infrastructure.

50k SSL TPS in AWS
$20,000 /m
Snapt Nova
Time To Deploy To Any Cloud
30 seconds
Cost Advantage At Scale
100x Lower Cost

Any Cloud, Any Platform

Nova is cloud neutral by design. We believe you shouldn't be locked-in to any vendor or any cloud (even if they're great). Not only does Nova work with any cloud, it handles multi-cloud and multi-platform deployments with ease, with no loss of security, visibility, or control.

These are just some of our cloud friends. If you don't see your favorite cloud here, don't worry – Nova works everywhere.


Snapt Reduces Security Risks for I-Track and Saves on Maintenance Time

I-Track Software is a US-based company that provides Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to growing manufacturing businesses. By providing full featured economical software called Manufacturing Execution Systems, or “MES,” and Lab Information Management Software, or “LIMS,” I-Track Software helps clients improve the traceability of their manufacturing processes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

I-Track Software Case Study

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