Every Threat Detected and Blocked

NovaSense provides 360º real-time detection of cyber security threats, and platform abuse on clouds and ISPs, powered by unique first-party security data and advanced machine learning. NovaSense makes threat intelligence radically more accessible with flexible integration and affordable prices.


360º Threat and Abuse Detection

NovaSense detects cyber security threats including hackers, viruses, ransomware, botnets, and malware. Export or integrate NovaSense's whole threat lists with your network firewalls and web application firewalls (WAFs) to block these threats pre-emptively.

NovaSense also detects platform abuse and network abuse for hosting companies, public clouds, and ISPs, including spammers, data harvesters, and botnets using hosted infrastructure to attack others. Identify and remove these abusers to protect others and remain compliant as part of your anti-abuse strategy.


Better Data = Better Defense

Your threat intelligence is only as good as your data. NovaSense gives you a definitive advantage. More than just a third-party data aggregator, NovaSense uses our unique first-party data from Snapt Web Application Firewalls deployed in networks all over the world to provide highly accurate real-time intel.

NovaSense's machine learning engine detects emerging threats, anomalies, and other patterns and updates your threat lists within seconds of identifying a threat – faster than any other solution.


Accessible, No Matter Your Budget

Everyone wants better threat intelligence, but not everyone can afford it. Until now.

NovaSense's customer-friendly pricing makes the world's most advanced threat intelligence platform accessible to organizations of any size.

NovaSense's threat data is as easy to work with as any modern application, so you can fit threat intelligence into your workflow and your architecture. Access the whole list, not just one IP address at a time. Use the open API, export in multiple formats, connect with your SIEM platform, or integrate with your Snapt Nova WAF or Aria WAF for fully automated defense.


The Challenge

IT Security and InfoSec teams struggle with slow, inflexible, and expensive threat intelligence solutions.

Traditional Threat Intelligence

Co-ordination with application delivery controllers (ADCs) is clunky and resource-intensive.

Solutions are very expensive, with annual fees often starting at $1,000,000.

Your threat data updates slowly, sometimes daily or hourly, or at best every few minutes.

Tools have a high skill barrier, often requiring dedicated engineering staff to deploy and maintain.

The Solution

NovaSense is designed to be fast, accurate, affordable, and easy to use for any technical user.

NovaSense Threat Intelligence

Integrates seamlessly with Snapt Nova and Aria ADCs, with near-zero latency and performance hit.

Low and flexible pricing per node, scales and big or as small as you need.

Your threat data updates in seconds when a threat is detected.

Easy to use without specialized training. Turn any technical team member into a security engineer.

What Can You Do With NovaSense?

NovaSense provides a simple path to becoming a better-protected organization, allowing you to get in front of emerging threats and be proactive instead of reactive.

Protect Your Organization's Apps, Data, and Reputation

Use NovaSense threat feeds to identify and pre-emptively block known and active threats: categorized, scored for risk, and enriched with IP data. Stay online and protect your legitimate users.

Identify and Remove Platform Abusers, Network Abusers

Use NovaSense host data to identify and remove known and active platform abusers using your infrastructure or services to attack others. Cut costs, protect revenue, and remain compliant.

Integrate NovaSense Threat Intelligence In OEM Product

Build your own security offering using NovaSense to provide a threat intelligence feed or to supplement third-party threat intelligence data.

How Does NovaSense Help You?

For security teams, governments, data centers, public clouds, NOCs, and more, NovaSense provides unmatched speed, accuracy, and flexibility.

InfoSec, IT Security, and Security Architects

Upgrade your defense against common threats by pre-emptively blocking known and active threats. Strengthen compliance for data security, transactional security, and service uptime. Make your web application firewalls (WAFs) smarter by integrating real-time threat intelligence.

Platform Abuse Response Teams

Don't allow platform abusers a foothold. Kick abusers off your network in no time, with fast and accurate identification. Protect your infrastructure and services by blocking new user accounts from blocklists and suspicious IP addresses.

OEM Security Vendors

Take your security offering to the next level by integrating NovaSense threat intelligence. Contact us to learn more.

Ready to dive in? Start detecting threats today.

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