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Accelerate your website!
Maximize your profits by offloading servers and speeding up your website.

Speed up your site

Drastically reduce the bandwidth and time taken to load your website, increasing conversions, search engine ranking and user happiness!

Handle bursts

Snapt can process 100,000 Layer 7 HTTP requests per second on a standard machine. Detailed metrics let you analyze performance, and you can scale horizontally.

Reduce costs

Snapt lets you reduce the number of web servers you need by offloading them, saving up to 80% of the requests they deal with!

In simple terms …

What is a web accelerator?

A web accelerator provides optimization and security to web traffic, both HTTP and HTTPS (secure) by focusing on two key areas:

Client-facing optimizations include page compression, content and image rewriting and optimization, CSS and JS minification and much more. This is intended to ensure your clients’ page loads faster.

Server-facing optimizations are designed to offload your web servers with technologies such as caching, compression offloading, SSL offloading as well as reducing the time it takes for pages to be generated, thus decreasing your clients’ load times.

Aside from optimization, the web accelerator also has the task of protecting your web servers from attacks and DoS attempts, as well as delivering content no matter what.


Snapt Accelerator is part of the Snapt ADC suite, including a full Layer 7 load balancer, web accelerator and web application firewall. If you have a business-critical website or service, you need Snapt.

High-speed caching system to offload your servers and decrease website load times.

Automatically rewrite your content to minify, compress and re-encode, resulting in a drastic speed increase.

Terminate SSL to offload your servers, or re-encode it after the optimizations have been completed.

Intelligently adjust expiry times, content settings, compression and more with minimal effort.

Transparently supercharge your site with full HTTP/2 support and A+ SSL ratings.


Watch our brief Accelerator introduction video to see the product and learn about some of the features. When you’re ready, get a free trial and test it yourself.

Interested in watching other Snapt videos? Head over to our YouTube Channel to keep learning and experimenting!


Inline optimization

Snapt will automatically optimize your site, minimizing JavaScript and CSS, reducing image sizes, fixing on-page problems and more!


Increase conversions

Lower loading times result in increased conversion rates and happier clients! Snapt can dramatically decrease the time to load your site.


Protect and track

Monitor your site's performance, protect it from threats and DoS attacks, while keeping it online for legitimate users.


Save on infrastructure

Let Snapt offload your web servers from serving static content and encrypting SSL sessions, allowing them to do more for less.

Product details

Snapt Accelerator is a full-service HTTP, HTTPS and HTTPv2 web accelerator. It forms part of the Snapt ADC, the best price/performance application delivery controller on the market.


Need performance information on the ADC? We publish throughput and TPS estimations by VM.


Looking for manuals, FAQs, screencasts and more? Please feel free to browse our knowledge base.

Free trial

We offer a full and free trial for you to test the product out, as well as full support during the trial! Go ahead, test it out!

ADC suite

Snapt Accelerator is part of the amazing Snapt ADC suite. Learn more about it on the Snapt homepage.
Best of the best

Who uses Snapt?

Snapt is the new kid on the block in a market dominated by old-fashioned hardware vendors. You will notice something about our client list – they are leaders in the tech industry. They have their ear to the ground and can hear the change coming.

What change? A product built for virtualization, for performance, for DevOps. The best software ADC.

Snapt will change your website! Let’s get started …