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Snapt Accelerator

Do you need your site to load faster? Let us accelerate it optimize it protect it !

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The ultimate web accelerator

Snapt Accelerator is a powerful, easy-to-use HTTP and HTTPS content accelerator.

In more basic terms, we proxy your web traffic and provide a wide array of optimizations and protections:

  • High-speed caching system to offload your web servers and decrease page load times.
  • Snapt's PageSpeed transparently rewrites your content to minify, compress and re-encode, resulting in a drastic speed increase.
  • Precise limit zones let you protect your servers and optimize your bandwidth.
  • Terminate SSL to offload your servers, or re-encode it after the optimizations have been completed.
  • Intelligently adjust expiry times, content settings, compression and more without any effort.
  • Advanced DoS prevention options mean your site stays online for your legitimate users.
  • Resilient and fast SSL protects your from weaknesses and denial of service.
  • And much, much more...

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Accelerator Highlights

Some fast facts

The Snapt Accelerator is one of the most advanced application delivery accelerators in the world, and comes complete with cloud, VM and software versions.

  • Intelligent location-based rules allowing massive customization
  • SSL Termination and SSL Re-encryption
  • Full API, alert and notification framework
  • VMware, OVF, Xen, ISO, and many more images
  • DoS protection, Web Firewalling, and full request proxying
  • Full active/passive redundancy
  • Full HTTP/2 support

More Accelerator Features

About Web Acceleration

A web accelerator's primary job is to increase the speed of your site or service for clients.

This is done with many different techniques, both on the server side and client side of the device. The Snapt Accelerator has an extremely advanced optimization engine and can reduce requests and time taken by 40-80% on average.

What is Web Acceleration?

Getting Started

We offer a full service 14-day trial of the product to let you see what it can do.

During this time, we provide full support, and will install Snapt for you should you wish. Simply contact us to arrange a setup. There are no fees at all.

Other Options

You can get a trial and immediately start using the Accelerator by joining on the client site. Alternatively, you can request a Snapt Hosted trial where we manage and host the accelerator for you.

Free Trial Hosted Accelerator

More Details

Feel free to browse around, and contact us when you are ready to talk.

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