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Experience a 50-70% reduction in web requests and a 2-5x decrease in the time taken to load websites.

Fast and optimized pages lead to higher visitor engagement, retention, and conversions. These are known facts, perhaps unknown to you is that Snapt will deliver all of these to you! Wondering about your site? Do the test.

Page speed matters:
it's business critical today.

Everyone understands wanting a page to be quicker. But, it's about far more than changing a website from 10 seconds to 5 seconds.

Snapt does that with ease, the real focus is getting small improvements on already highly optimized website. Changing from 3 seconds per page to 2 seconds can reduce your user abandonment by up to 25%. On every page!

More than half your users will leave your website if it takes over 4 seconds to load!

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PageSpeed: transparent optimization.

The Snapt Accelerator includes the PageSpeed engine - a software platform which transparently alters your sites content as it passes the accelerator.

The platform will immediately start combining and minifying javascript and stylesheets, recoding images to be smaller and load more efficiently, correcting errors in your page, automatically setting expiry times for static content, and much more.

This results in a huge page load time and render time improvement for your clients, which as we all know leads to happier clients and often significantly more sales!


Caching & Offloading: offload your webservers.

The Accelerator caches content as well - this means less requests go to your web server and we can respond instantly to your clients from our tier 1 infrastucture.

Worried that your site is dynamic? We follow all caching rules, and will only cache static content. We are able (on request) to cache dynamic content as well to handle bursts of data. You can set how long things are cached for, from seconds to days.


Supercharge client connections.

Snapt's servers operate in the most efficient way possible - allowing your clients to use keepalives and other recent technology to get the best possible browsing experience without you having to worry about your servers and the impact it may have on them.

We ensure CDN's can cache the content, browsers store your images and static content locally, and the experience gets faster every page load.


Compression intelligently, with purpose.

Snapt will automatically compress content going to browsers that support it, even if you don't have compression enabled on your servers. This reduces the amount of content your clients need to download and decreases the page load time.

We combine CSS and JS files, automatically minify and strip them, rewrite images to be smaller and much more.

Snapt understands when compressing a file will decrease page load times, or when it will delay the user. It's an active, adaptive solution to your requirements.

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