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The best software load balancer!

Snapt is a powerful and easy-to-use Layer 7 load balancer. Specially designed for virtualized and cloud environments, Snapt can be up and running in minutes. Try it free, today!

Easy to deploy

Snapt is simple, yet powerful. You can be up and running in minutes, or customize your load balancer to ensure you get the best performance and set-up!

Great performance

Snapt can process 100,000 Layer 7 HTTP requests per second on a standard machine. Detailed metrics let you analyze performance, and you can scale horizontally.

Software only

Snapt is available as a package for existing Linux servers, or as a VM image or ISO for loading onto any hypervisor or hardware. You can run it in the cloud as well!

One product to solve all your needs

Don’t worry about critical components being left out – Snapt comes with all features in all our packages. This is the load balancer we wanted to make! We will install it for you, and help you with your trial.

Layer 7 balancer

Snapt Balancer intelligently scans traffic as it passes, ensuring clients get the optimal experience. We also prevent errors from reaching clients!

Full redundancy

Snapt supports full active/passive redundancy. What does this mean for you? No matter what happens, your website never goes down.

Protocol awareness

Snapt is protocol-aware – it understands the content of requests. You can insert headers, do redirects, create complex ACLs, and more.


Snapt is the best and most complete software load balancer available.

Snapt understands your traffic, and with the full Layer 7 load balancer, can make complex routing decisions based on your rules. Insert and manage headers, redirect traffic, load balance using multiple algorithms, and more. Snapt gives visibility, reporting and alerting like you have never experienced before!

Embrace the change

Snapt is not like F5, KEMP or the rest.

Snapt is what those products would look like if they were made today. For the network of today. For the DevOps teams of today. A new load balancer, born in the cloud, designed to be flexible, customizable, fast and easy to use.

Snapt is what happens when people like you make a load balancer.

Best support in the industry

SSL termination and re-encryption

Redundancy and replication

Web acceleration and firewalling

Slack, text message, syslog and more

Full IPv6 support

Layer 7 rules engine

VMware, Xen, Amazon, Hyper-V and more

Fast, responsive HTML5 interface

Live dashboards and historic reports

User access and logging

Up and running in minutes


Powerful, Layer 7 load balancing

Snapt Balancer is the ultimate software load balancer for DevOps and network administrators.

Snapt is easy-to-use yet extremely advanced. The most feature-complete software load balancer on the market, it has been purpose-built for the networks and requirements of today and tomorrow.

Trial Snapt for free and see for yourself. We’re confident!

Configuration. Fast.

You can be up and running with Snapt in minutes. Don’t waste time on complex manuals and archaic Java interfaces.

Snapt is a pleasure to use. We make the basics simple, and let you spend your time on the advanced features. Snapt’s clients are technical by nature, and we embrace your knowledge.

Snapt is used by LEGO, NASA, Intel and more. Soon it will be used by you!


Great for power and new users!

Snapt is easy-to-use, but make no mistake, it’s the most customizable and powerful load balancer on the market.

Snapt has wizards for creating all of the most common load balancer set-ups to help you become a load balancing expert in no time. If you are already a pro, your life is about to get even better!

We make the mundane quick and easy, and let you utilize the most powerful features.

Questions? Give us your email address and we'll get back to you!

Best of the best

Who uses Snapt?

Snapt is the new kid on the block in a market dominated by old-fashioned hardware vendors. You will notice something about our client list – they are leaders in the tech industry. They have their ear to the ground and can hear the change coming.

What change? A product built for virtualization, for performance, for DevOps. The best software ADC.

Lets get started …

Snapt ensures your website or service is always online, performing quickly and safe from threats. We provide load balancing, web acceleration, caching and security for your critical services.

We built the product we wanted and couldn’t find. You’ll love it.