The load balancer for tomorrow

Snapt is a Layer 7 software load balancer built for DevOps and modern application delivery.

We offer the lowest cost/request and the widest featureset on the market. It's time to deploy Snapt!

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Snapt is not like F5, KEMP or the rest.

Snapt is what those products would look like if they were made today. For the network of today. For the DevOps teams of today. A new load balancer, born in the cloud, designed to be flexible, customizable, fast and easy to use.

Snapt is what happens when people like you make a load balancer.

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Snapt is a total ADC solution.

All Snapt licenses include our full ADC solution – our award-winning load balancer, as well as our web accelerator, GSLB, WAF and more!

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Experience tomorrow, today.

Snapt is what the load balancer of tomorrow looks like – developed in the cloud, for DevOps clients to run on virtualized and container platforms. This is the load balancer you wish you had five years earlier.

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Industry-leading support

Snapt is the only ADC vendor to include 24/7/365 guaranteed support in all of our packages without extra costs. We're confident in our product, and we want you to feel confident too.

All of our support staff are full-time Snapt employees and sit in one of our primary Snapt offices (Palo Alto, Cape Town or Johannesburg). You'll always be dealing with someone knowledgeable and helpful, and we'll always have your back.


Easy to use, but powerful

Snapt is the only vendor that pushes demos, screenshots and trials of its products – shouldn't you be asking the others why they don't? It's because our product is amazing, easy to use and extremely powerful. Just try it!


Enjoy massive performance

Snapt is capable of over 100,000 Layer 7 HTTP requests per second on entry-level machines,* and over 10,000 SSL TPS. You can choose your performance, add more power, and Snapt goes faster!

* 2 vCPU, 2GB of RAM test machine. Read more.

Perfect for web applications

Snapt is a Layer 7 HTTP/S load balancer – you can make complex rulesets, optimize traffic and speed up websites using our ADC.

Clients including Target, MTV and NASA use Snapt to ensure their web services stay online under pressure. If you have a business-critical service you need to scale and keep online, you need Snapt.

HTTP/S Aware

Snapt understands Layer 7 data. It can compress traffic, route requests by headers or paths, alter HTTP requests, terminate SSL and more.

Grow with you

You can start small and grow Snapt as your start-up or enterprise grows. Start for as little as $55 a month or $450 per year, with all our features included.

Accelerate and Protect

Snapt includes the Snapt Accelerator and Snapt WAF, optimizing your page load times and protecting your backends from SQL injections and other attacks.

Stay online, fast and secure

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Performance-driven, agile and easy to use

Snapt is built for the applications of today and tomorrow, not the last decade.


Snapt is a software-only solution – we built it in the cloud. There is no legacy hardware support, or need to purchase expensive, inflexible equipment.

Run Anywhere

VMware, Xen, KVM, OpenStack, Docker, Red Hat – you choose! Snapt can run on any system, or even on an existing Linux installation. It's designed for DevOps!

Learn more about Snapt Balancer features.

A trusted partner to the best

Working with the best and brightest clients ensures Snapt stays ahead.

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Try it today

Get a free Snapt trial to test the Balancer, Accelerator and WAF to add uptime, performance and security to your platform. As always, all modules are included in your Snapt license!

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