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Snapt Balancer features
We decided the application delivery software solutions out there were not good enough. So we built the best ADC in the world.

Snapt develop high end solutions for application delivery. We make amazing software designed to solve the needs of amazing clients. Built by people like you, for people like you. Snapt is the ultimate load balancer and web accelerator for DevOps and techs.

The three core functions of Snapt Balancer


Increase performance

Snapt provides extremely high performance, while maintaining low overheads – meaning fewer resources are required, and allowing you to truly scale your business.


Increase reliability

Server monitoring and redundancy ensure clients are never disconnected, and that your service is always online. Snapt allows you to rest easy.


Increase visibility

See requests as they flow through, and analyze response times, codes and performance while reporting on hours, days, weeks, months and years of data.


Watch our brief Balancer introduction video to see the product and learn about some of the features. When you’re ready, get a free trial and test it yourself.

Interested in watching other Snapt videos? Head over to our YouTube Channel to keep learning and experimenting!

Balancing methods

Snapt supports Round Robin, least connections, source hashing, RDP cookies, cookie insertion and more.

SSL termination

Snapt has full SSL termination and re-encryption support in both the Balancer and Accelerator. Get your A+ SSL rating and stay secure!

HTTP Analyzer

Each HTTP request that flows through is analyzed and made visible. Monitor which servers are generating errors, which pages take the longest to load, and more.


Save on infrastructure

Snapt provides extremely high performance on entry-level hardware. You can achieve 100,000+ requests per second from a 2 CPU, 4GB machine.


Server monitoring

Monitor your servers’ uptime and performance with extreme detail – response times, HTTP status codes, regex status checks and more.

See everything

Snapt allows you visibility like never before. Watch individual HTTP requests, and monitor performance with detailed metrics and dashboards.

100% redundant

Snapt includes full active/passive redundancy and replication. Zero downtime failures are now an option for your entire infrastructure.

Detailed reporting

Report on throughput and health metrics over months, any time you need. Snapt also has open SQL databases for your custom tinkering!


Snapt includes a full global server load balancer for co-location DNS load balancing, nearest route responses and more.

Full IPv6

Snapt has full IPv6 support, as well as IPv6 -> IPv4 proxy support. Accept IPv6 data on your load balancer without changing your servers.

ADC Integration

Snapt Balancer is part of the Snapt ADC – which also includes a full WAF and web accelerator at no extra charge, as well as full HTTP/2 support.

ACLs and Rules

Snapt has a full and deep ACL and rules engine which allows you to make thousands of routing and modification decisions to traffic.

Feature Complete

Snapt is the best and most complete software load balancer available.

With a full Layer 7 load balancer, Snapt understands your traffic and can make complex routing decisions based on your rules. Insert and manage headers, redirect traffic, load balance using multiple algorithms, and more. Snapt gives visibility, reporting and alerting like you have never experienced before!

Get your free trial or set up a demo! We are happy to help install it!