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Snapt vs F5
Snapt competes with F5 on a feature-by-feature basis – but at a much lower price! We encourage you to try a free trial of Snapt before committing to the huge cost of an F5 load balancer.

Snapt develops high-end solutions for application delivery. We make incredible software designed to solve the needs of amazing clients. Built by people like you, for people like you. Snapt creates the ultimate load balancer and web accelerator for DevOps and techs.

Download the Snapt vs F5 comparison PDF and learn more about our product!


Snapt includes full, high-level support in all its Enterprise-level products, with SLA guarantees. Snapt is also the only vendor to publish live response times – which average less than 5 minutes. The Snapt level of support could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars with F5.


Snapt is widely considered the most attractive and user-friendly load balancing/ADC product. We offer full free trials, feature many screenshots of our product, and provide a live demo. Once you have tried the interface, you will feel the difference!


Snapt has the best cost/request and cost/SSL request. The product has no hard limits, and scales as your VM or cloud solution scales. More power means more requests – not more costs! F5 is prohibitively expensive, and you must pay extra for ADC modules.


Snapt competes with F5 on a feature-by-feature basis. However, there is one big difference – Snapt includes ALL products and features. That means you receive all our modules free of charge – GSLB, acceleration, SSL, compression, WAF, and more!

Software only

Snapt is a software-only ADC solution. We do not offer a hardware appliance and do not limit our software offering to sell you hardware. The product is flexible and agile – just as a VM solution should be.

Redundancy pricing

All Snapt solutions from the ADC-500 up include full, free redundancy. We do not charge you for the second server, and we provide full support for both servers.

Best of the best

Who uses Snapt?

Snapt is the new kid on the block in a market dominated by old-fashioned hardware vendors. You will notice something about our clients – they are leaders in the tech industry. They have their ear to the ground and can hear the change coming.

What change? A product built for virtualization, for performance, for DevOps. The best software ADC.

Feature Complete

Snapt is the best and most complete software load balancer available.

With a full Layer 7 load balancer, Snapt understands your traffic and can make complex routing decisions based on your rules. Insert and manage headers, redirect traffic, load balance using multiple algorithms, and more. Snapt gives visibility, reporting and alerting like you have never experienced before!

Get your free trial or set up a demo. We are happy to help install it!