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The wide array of Snapt additions elevates Squid to an entirely new level. Snapt’s exceptional support and user interface means that Squid can now be your ready- to- use enterprise cache.

Great support

We provide 24/7/365 support, with dedicated Snapt staff who are knowledgeable and excited to help you! Our average response time is under two minutes.

Easy yet powerful

Snapt is easy to use, yet amazingly powerful! We are enabling newer Squid users to leverage it, while unlocking power for the experienced!

Everything that's missing

Squid is fantastic! We have taken that excellent engine and built a solution around it. We want to make Squid the solution for business caching.

See your data

What is missing from Squid? Reports and visibility! Snapt is not just here to help you set up a cache – we are here to help you manage and control your business-critical infrastructure! Reports, graphing, alerts, live dashboards and more let you see incredible detail about your users.

Full UI and reports

Snapt Cache turns Squid into a complete web caching solution.

Now anyone can manage and configure the program, collect detailed reporting information, add hundreds of visibility metrics and performance graphs, and add a full suite of alerting and reporting capabilities.

Snapt supercharges your Squid install

You can set up a brand new Squid install, or integrate with any existing installation on any Linux system within minutes. You will be up and running with reports and graphs, management, and settings before you know it!

Elevate your Squid

Keep using the program you love – with all the features you wanted.

The wide array of Snapt additions elevates Squid to an entirely new level. Snapt’s exceptional support and user interface mean that Squid can now be your ready-to-use enterprise or SME caching solution.

Snapt is what happens when people who use Squid make a caching product.

Best dedicated support in the industry

Wizards for anything you need

Redundancy and replication

Live dashboard, graphs and charts

Slack, text message, syslog and more

Full ACL management

VMware, Xen, Amazon, Hyper-V and more

Fast, responsive HTML5 interface

Full reporting engine for Squid

User access and logging


Try before you buy

Snapt has a full and free trial for you to test before you purchase. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you can cancel at any time. We aren't happy if you aren't happy!


Be a part of the community

We are all Squid users, and we are all part of the Snapt community. Join our forums, mailing lists and more to ensure you stay on top of Squid news, and always have help at your fingertips.


DevOps friendly

Snapt is built for DevOps and virtualization. It comes with a full API to all of its functions, the ability to make manual config changes, full command line access and usable SQL databases.

Get your free trial or set up a demo! We are happy to help install it!
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