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Global server load balancing
An intelligent DNS solution for location- and availability-based routing, with active health checking.

High performance

Snapt Global Server Load Balancer (GSLB) is a self-hosted, high-performance DNS server. Handle hundreds of thousands of requests on simple server or cloud infrastructure.

Intelligent routing

Route people to their nearest servers or back-up locations when needed. Snapt GSLB is location- and health-aware!

Snapt ADC

The GSLB can direct traffic right to Snapt ADC installations for the ultimate high availability deployments.

In simple terms…

What is a GSLB, or Global Server Load Balancer?

In its simplest form, a GSLB is a DNS server. It tells clients looking for to go to an IP address which is normally your load balancer (or even a single web server).

What happens when you have a DR site, or an American and European site? You need a way to send users to both and to check the health of both. However, a load balancer is an on-site only option, you need something that survives a total site failure.

This is when you add a GSLB. It’s an intelligent DNS server that replies with online sites, and based on rules. You can give certain servers increased weights, route certain locations to certain datacenters (such as American clients to the US), and do advanced health checks to ensure you only send users to online locations.

It’s all about keeping your service online and available, while making sure it performs quickly and efficiently.


The Snapt GSLB is a DNS-based load balancing service for geographically distant infrastructures. It performs health checking, nearest host routing and more.

Layer 7 health checking

GeoIP-based response routing

Server weights and backup servers

Automatic config replication

Included in all Snapt licenses