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Meet Snapt – the best way to manage HAProxy.
Snapt is a full GUI for HAProxy. You can use it to set up a new HAProxy install, or just load Snapt on your existing installation. Get dashboards, alerts, configuration management, reports and more!

These businesses all use Snapt. Shouldn’t you?

Elevate your HAProxy

Keep using the program you love, with all the features you want.

The wide array of Snapt additions elevates HAProxy to an entirely new level. Snapt’s exceptional support and full redundancy means that HAProxy can now be your ready-to-use enterprise solution.

Snapt is what happens when people who use HAProxy make a load balancer.

Best support in the industry

Wizards for anything you need

Redundancy and replication

Live dashboard, graphs and charts

Slack, text message, syslog and more

Full ACL management

VMware, Xen, Amazon, Hyper-V and more

Fast, responsive HTML5 interface

Full reporting engine for HAProxy

User access and logging


See all your data, at your fingertips

Snapt Balancer turns HAProxy into a complete load balancing solution.

Now anyone can manage and configure the program, collect detailed reporting information, add hundreds of visibility metrics and performance graphs, and add a full suite of alerting and monitoring capabilities.

Integrate Snapt with your existing HAProxy to start monitoring immediately!

Configuration made easy

Snapt lets you control all parts of your HAProxy installation.

Whether you are a power user or just starting out, Snapt will speed up your job and improve your load balancing configuration!

You can create and edit frontends, backends and listen groups. You can also edit ACLs, view logs, monitor throughput, and more!


Save time with wizards

Automatically create load balancer groups, with no set-up.

Snapt has wizards for creating all of the most common load balancer set-ups to help you become an HAProxy expert in no time. If you are already a pro, your life is about to get even better!

We make the mundane quick and easy, and let you utilize the most powerful parts of HAProxy.

HAProxy stats from anywhere

Snapt exposes all the data from HAProxy, stores it, alerts on it, and more.

Now you can access your HAProxy stats from anywhere, on any device. We store all the data in SQL too, allowing you to report on it whenever you need.

You can even set up custom alerts to monitor for problems before they become serious.

Try it for free – you won’t regret it!

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